Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!

New ways of thinking and new design approaches are what make hydraulic power units the key components in the efficient and intelligent factory of the future.

Technical details

CytroBox – Medium-size hydraulic power units

Today, the latest power units already boost efficiency in production with their energy-efficient operation, innovative design and intelligent connectivity. With CytroBox, we are revolutionizing hydraulic supply units and are sustainably changing people’s perception of hydraulics. We are writing a new chapter in the history of hydraulic drive technology.

Success story in the automotive industry

Success story

The future of hydraulics is...

CytroBox is the new energy-efficient hydraulic unit.

The Future of Hydraulics conserves on energy

Less Consumption.

More Efficiency.

  • Up to 80 percent energy savings compared to constantly driven power units due to intelligent combination of variable speed, synchronous motor and axial piston pump
  • Demand-based energy consumption of variable-speed pump drives
    • Energy-saving by reducing the speed at partial or zero load
    • Highly dynamic response with load changes

CytroBox is the new compact hydraulic power unit.

The Future of Hydraulics is uncompromisingly compact

Less Space.

More Power.

  • Small footprint due to innovative and compact design
  • Degassing and flow-optimized tank
  • Oil volume reduced by 75% through flow-optimized tank design - from 600 liters to just 150 liters
  • Use of powerful and space-saving synchronous motors enables high dynamics and energy density
  • Integrated innovative cooling concept

CytrroBox is the new connected power unit.

The Future of Hydraulics is connected

Less Suprises.

More Availability.

  • The integrated IoT service CytroConnect Solutions ensures higher availability and avoids unplanned downtime
  • Operators can monitor operating conditions and schedule maintenance cost-effectively
  • Additional IoT analysis tools can be subscribed to on a monthly basis

CytroBox is the new hydraulic power unit that allows quiet operation.

The Future of Hydraulics is really quiet

Less Noise Emission.

More Flexibility.

  • The noise emission of the CytroBox is - even under full load - less than 75 dB (A) (comparable power units are on average 85 dB (A))
  • Coupled polymer concrete foundation dampens vibrations
  • Enclosed housing with sound absorbing material
  • No additional noise reduction measures and costs required

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