ctrlX AUTOMATION – Two Steps Ahead

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Two Steps Ahead

The modular automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION is a 360° solution that overcomes the classic boundaries between machine control, the IT world and the Internet of Things.

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Controls

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Controls

The automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION offers the right solution for every application. The diverse control solutions can be used for PLC-based applications, IoT use cases, HMI and safety functions.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Software

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Software

Simple engineering and maximum openness. This is what the software solutions of the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION stand for.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Drives & Motion

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Drives & Motion

ctrlX AUTOMATION supports simple cartesian handling tasks, highly dynamic machine applications in the consumer goods industry as well as high-precision motion solutions in semicon applications. Additionally, PLC or motion functions as well as modular servo drives are available.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Transfer systems

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Transfer systems

With the product familiy ctrlX FLOW, ctrlX AUTOMATION offers easy-to-integrate solutions for optimal and highly efficient material and goods flows.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – The automation toolkit

The automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION provides all components for complete automation solutions - from controllers to drives and motors as well as I/Os to Motion, PLC and IoT functionalities. With the open, modular, and scalable system, simple applications but also complex solutions can be implemented. The system is characterized by high flexibility and future-proofness. Required functions can be added to the control platform ctrlX CORE as apps at any time.

ctrlX AUTOMATION – product cluster controls


The ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio offers diverse control solutions for PLC-based applications, IoT use cases, and HMI and safety functions.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – product cluster software


The automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION offers practical software and engineering tools and maximum openness through Linux operating system.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – product cluster Drives & Motion

Drives & Motion

Diverse PLC or motion functionalities as well as modular servo drives and motors enable almost any application.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – product cluster transfer systems

Transfer systems

The ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio offers transfer systems for highly efficient material and goods flows.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – More than just an automation solution



Without accompanying services, even the best automation solution is only half as good as it could be

The services available globally for the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION range from technical support, classic and digital services, training and certification to various services for the entire product life cycle. This includes conventional services for machines and systems which are designed to ensure a long service life. At the same time, the ecosystem offers cutting-edge digital services such as the ctrlX Store for downloading individual items of software, the ctrlX Device Portal for the straightforward, central management of control systems and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community for support, news and the transfer of know-how.

More information about ctrlX SERVICES
More information about ctrlX SERVICES
ctrlX AUTOMATION – ctrlX World

ctrlX World

Bosch Rexroth opens up a common world for users and partners: ctrlX World.

Partners introduce their own strengths and solutions via co-creation. Thus, users get a wide selection of apps and benefit from a constantly growing offer in the ctrlX Store.

More Information about ctrlX World
More Information about ctrlX World
ctrlX AUTOMATION – ctrlX developR

ctrlX developR

Solutions are only as innovative, flexible and powerful as the talent that develops them.

The ctrlX developR always have their finger on the pulse and ensure that Bosch Rexroth is always two steps ahead with ctrlX AUTOMATION. Whether IT security, IoT, machine learning, APIs, software development kits, human interfaces... - they take on every challenge and become game changers in their field.

You want to learn more about the topics directly, then check out our ctrlX developR series season 3.

More information about ctrlX developR
More information about ctrlX developR

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Are you looking to contact Bosch Rexroth or Bosch Rexroth Partners for further information about ctrlX AUTOMATION? Find the right contacts for sales, services and training.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Downloads


If you would like more information about ctrlX AUTOMATION, please download one of our whitepapers or take a look at the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine!

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Mehr Informationen

Digital services for greater efficiency

  • Interactive support through sharing information relating to ctrlX AUTOMATION
  • Individual automation solutions can be developed quickly and as necessary thanks to online access to all available applications
  • Easy management and maintenance of device settings as well as remote maintenance
  • Maximum availability thanks to quick machine diagnostics and repair requests

ctrlX AUTOMATION – News & Stories

News & Stories

Dive into the world of ctrlX AUTOMATION and learn interesting facts about the automation toolkit and its areas of application. Exciting user reports are also waiting for you.

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Solutions for your industry

The automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION offers openness, adaptability and combinability in all directions, also with regard to external automation systems. This results in free design options, entirely according to the respective requirements. The solution portfolio covers the requirements of different industries for almost all automation applications.

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