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Manifolds for Hydraulic Systems - customized and series production

Manifolds for Hydraulic Systems

customized and series production

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Wittmann Battenfeld - Bosch Rexroth as manifold supplier

Wittmann Battenfeld

Bosch Rexroth as manifold supplier

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Press Module IH04 – A full safety-related package for presses

Press Module IH04

A full safety-related package for presses

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Additive Manufacturing – How sand turns into a Hydraulic Manifold

Additive Manufacturing

How sand turns into a Hydraulic Manifold

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Multistation manifolds – HowTo configure a HSR multistation manifold

Multistation manifolds

HowTo configure a HSR multistation manifold

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Manifolds and plates

Hydraulic manifolds – Customized and Series Production

Hydraulic manifolds are the brain of a hydraulic system and are as individual as the tasks they have to accomplish. We have perfected the complex design and manufacture of manifolds to produce millions of units. For this reason, we can offer you standardized series production quality for large quantities as well as small-series production runs, even down to a batch size of one; from compact manifolds for auxiliary motion up to central manifolds weighing up to 12 tons for large and complex systems.



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How can press manufacturers meet the typical safety requirements specified in EN ISO 16092-3 and EN289 quickly and in a cost-effective manner while increasing energy efficiency at the same time?

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How manifolds produced using additive manufacturing reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions.

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Additive manufacturing of manifolds

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Manifolds for Hydraulic Systems: Customized and Series Production

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For further questions regarding manifolds and plates, please contact us.

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We offer you

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

You only need to tell us the basic requirements – such as space, pressure, and functionality. Our specialists configure the ideal circuit design to suit your purpose. For customized, order-specific manifolds, we also take care of the project planning, detailed design, manufacture, and assembly according to industrial quality standards.

In short: We provide you with a customized and ready-to-use hydraulic control from a single source, independent of the hydraulic power unit or the actuators used.

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Leave it to the experts for your peace of mind

Take-over of the entire work package

We take care of the entire work package for you including planning, design, detailed design, quality testing and inspection, bench testing, and documentation.

You save capacities throughout the entire value-added chain: from the receipt of goods to the assembly and testing on to commissioning. Provide yourself with maneuvering room through the system partnership with us. Just one point-of-contact for the entire project.

Design & simulation

Hand-in-hand: Design and simulation included

As manifold supplier, we make use of state-of-the-art procedures to design your hydraulic manifold. We also optimize space and channel geometries for minimum energy losses and guaranteed functional safety through stability and flow analysis simulations.


Processing based on the design data

We process hydraulic manifolds from low-pressure to high-pressure versions using high-precision CNC processing centers only. We derive the processing steps directly from the design data. That way, we can reliably prevent errors and ensure safety.

An important side-effect of CNC machining: We monitor the execution of each individual work step, measure the execution, and compare this with the design data. You can therefore be sure: We implement your approved CAD data one-to-one, so that your individual manifold seamlessly fits into your design.


The digital twin for your valve block

A virtual image of your manifold is made available to you – the requirement for a digital twin. This way you are one further step towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. You virtually integrate the hydraulic manifold into your individual construction and are thus able to proceed to work on your project while we are manufacturing the manifold. This saves time and reduces the time-to-market. What’s more: You fulfill customer requirements for digital images of your machinery and equipment.


Quality processes complying with the highest standards

Bosch Rexroth is committed to quality processes in accordance with the highest standards, and strives for zero errors. For us, quality is not a rigid state but instead a constant challenge. Important for you: We achieve an end-to-end quality chain, from the design to the manufacturing of all components to delivery of the functionally tested assembly.

To this end, we make use of the largest hydraulic tool kit in the world to fit your manifold with the perfect combination of most diverse valves - thus, your manifold will exactly satisfy the functions specified by you.


What matters at the end is the reality

Before we deliver a manifold to you, it goes through final function tests conducted on suitable test benches. Particularly in the case of customized solutions and the start of series production, we like to jointly carry out the acceptance approval with you in our plant. This gives you the security of knowing that everything is always exactly as it should be. This saves you time and effort, and reduces the project risks.

Additive manufacturing methods

Innovative manufacturing methods

Complex geometries in one homogeneous component: What previously wasn’t possible in production technology can now be achieved with additive manufacturing. For many years now we have gained extensive practical experience in 3D printing to make sand cores and manifolds. This has shortened the production runs, and makes new, more energy-effcient channel geometries possible.