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Welding control system PRC7000 – Why you can count on us for resistance welding

Sustainable and decisive competitive advantages – that is what you will gain from our solutions. We pride ourselves in developing holistic and state-of-the-art systems for resistance spot welding. And such solutions can only be found by consistently questioning the status quo.

Discover, what makes us the leading Resistance Welding provider:

Our welding systems make you fit for the future

Bosch Rexroth is an innovation driver and role model in the global welding industry – and has been for over 60 years. In addition to our outstanding engineering skills, our pioneering role also constantly challenges us to make our technologies compatible with the requirements of the Factory of the Future. With integrated IoT interfaces, AI-enabled hardware components and web-based control solutions, we are setting the course for a seamless transition into the future.

We offer you a comprehensive solution

What makes an excellent resistance spot welding range? It is wide-ranging and offers versatile software and hardware solutions from a single source – or just the exact components that are needed. This is also reflected in our own range: It is freely scalable and thus enables both customized and pragmatic system solutions. Our many years of experience, which we have gained in cooperation with various industries, make us a unique supplier of welding technology on the market and coherently round off our range of products.

Our strength, your gain: adaptability

Adaptability is the core competence when it comes to evolving with the ever-changing demands of the industry and individual sectors such as the automotive industry. The joy of change and transformability is not only reflected in our attitude, but also in the characteristics of the technologies and processes; be it adaptive controls, real-time quality monitoring or web-based engineering tools – to name just a few aspects.

Take your welding systems to the next level

Master every challenge with confidence with the future-oriented and scalable solution portfolio for resistance spot welding from Bosch Rexroth. Our welding controls and medium frequency welding transformers make a decisive difference for you – in terms of performance and efficiency:


Discover the difference

15 percent better spot weld quality


Thanks to optimized disturbance compensation and flexible process regulation

100 percent more flexibility


Compatible with various gun drive motors and types

15 percent more efficiency


Adaptive control of the next generation

75 percent reduced commissioning time


By using our tools for offline welding spot creation

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Intuitive operation. Reduced costs.

Increased complexity and requirements in resistance welding meet a shortage of skilled workers. The welding control system PRC7000 makes welding simple – even for untrained users. The Functional Bundle "Simplicity" provides components such as "Web PRI" and "Auto Reference Curve Creation".

The web-based user interface "Web PRI" stands for simple and intuitive usability. It thus offers advantages over the classic PRI, especially for unskilled users. The function is designed for use on mobile devices such as tablets. Users are provided with an intuitive user interface that allows them to quickly find and operate special functions, for example.

The "Auto Reference Curve Creation" function addresses two important capabilities of the welding control PRC7000: adaptive control and monitoring. For these, control curves must initially be recorded and activated. Until now, this required a high level of domain knowledge. This process can now be automated, which reduces the effort and ideally improves the result.

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Less spatter. Highest productivity.

Resistance welding in record time. The "Dynamic Squeeze Time" and "Adaptive Spatter Reduction" software components, which are part of the "Productivity" license package, simplify resistance welding – for example in automotive production. The result: higher productivity, quality optimization and reduced workload for users.

"Dynamic Squeeze Time" reduces the hold-off time depending on force and position. The feature can only be used in conjunction with the integrated gun control. Overall, this results in reduced hold-off time and increased productivity by shortening the production process.

"Adaptive Spatter Reduction" also focuses on savings and supports weld parameter optimization during the commissioning phase and series production of the car. Welding parameters are automatically optimized in terms of quality and spatter rate as well as energy efficiency and limit values. For example, weld spatter occurring during the welding process can be automatically detected and minimized within a predefined tolerance band.

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Artificial Intelligence. Real future opportunities.

The welding control system of the future is intelligent and draws benefits from the data generated in the welding process. This data can form the basis for process optimization and value creation in Industry 4.0 – for example, through self-learning processes and predictive maintenance. To do this, they must be collected, analyzed and processed. With the "IoT Connector" from Bosch Rexroth, users can easily collect data treasures, process them according to their needs, and implement automatic logging for quality assurance, for example.

In addition, the cloud-based service "Weld Spot Analytics" enables the efficient collection and analysis of data from welding production – and in the future also machine learning to predict the quality of a weld spot. The data generated during resistance welding is processed and visualized in a cloud backend. In this way, high increases in efficiency can be achieved.

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More service. Less downtime.

Where does good service start and where does it end? Ideally, it accompanies the entire life of a welding control system – and beyond. The Bosch Rexroth service portfolio for resistance welding ranges from commissioning through to the second life of a product. In addition to various services for optimizing the welding process, the services for the entire life cycle also enable a longer product life of the welding control system as well as resource conservation. For example, used control units are given a new lease of life through remanufacturing.

With its welding services, Bosch Rexroth is breaking new ground in the industry. Until now, the focus in welding technology has often been on the hardware. But it is the services that make welding control systems fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Rexroth welding controller PRC7000 for reproducible high welding quality

Sounds too good to be true? Living proof: PRC7000

Weld quality to the point: With the new, powerful welding control PRC7000, perfect weld spots finally become reproducible. What else makes it so indispensable and future-proof? Adaptive controls and flexible programmability allow for different sheet thickness combinations and material mixes – from steel to aluminum – to be easily processed. The integrated IoT connector, which provides structured data for central processing, quality control and technology data management, makes PRC7000 ready for Industry 4.0

The comprehensive and future-proof portfolio for resistance welding

Discover the technologically leading welding controls and medium frequency welding transformers from Bosch Rexroth.

PRI7000 – user interface for the welding controller PRC7000


PRI7000 for programming, operation and diagnostics of the PRC7000.

Medium-frequency system PRC7000


Medium frequency system PRC7000 for spot and projection welding applications.

System components of the welding controller PRC7000

System components

To extend the functional possibilities of the welding control.

Medium Frequency Welding Transformers

Medium frequency welding transformers

Optimized for more power and efficiency in resistance welding.

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