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BODAS Connect
Your IoT and telematics offering with freedom

Do you want to get more out of a telematics IoT solution than your provider’s standard? Do you want to develop on your own and secure your IP? Do your stakeholders have diametrically opposite goals regarding what to do with the vehicle data? Solve the problem with a well thought-out but truly open system: BODAS Connect. 

Customize telematics according to your markets’ real needs

Professionally cover the individual roles among your power users: operations, service and engineering.

Wheeled loader sending data from the construction site

Operations management

Let operations managers know what their machines are doing.

Mower sending service data to technicians

Service support

Let service technicians look into the machines remotely.

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Combine harvester in the field receiving a software update over the air

Software deployment over the air

Service, deploy, and update vehicle control software remotely for entire fleets.

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Benefit from Rexroth connectivity with true openness and freedom

Enjoy real choice. And if we don’t have it, integrate it from a third party, or do it yourself.

Connectivity units portfolio

Freedom of choice in hardware

Choose from a wide range of off-the-shelf connectivity control units specifically designed for heavy duty off-highway use: from basic microcontroller-based connectivity solutions to Linux-based quad-core microprocessors – and a whole range in between, plus Bluetooth low energy tags and beacons on top. Individually select what you really need for each vehicle type in your connected fleet.

Connectivity unit with three app icons

Freedom to protect your own IP in edge computing

Develop your own apps (in the form of snaps) and deploy them on the connectivity units – all by yourself, with your IP fully protected. This freedom comes from the Debian Linux operating system and our professional middleware stack, which works perfectly with Canonical’s state-of-the-art Snap software packaging and deployment system.

Connectivity unit with two cloud icons sending out data

Freedom to choose data endpoints in the cloud

Upload your data from the vehicle to wherever you want – not where your telematics provider wants you to send it. Define multiple data endpoints in parallel. If you so wish, you can continue to send data directly to your existing data management without any detours through other clouds. Satisfy your stakeholders with individual uploaders: engineering, sales, rental. You decide.

Data pipeline

Freedom to have custom data pipelines

Retrieve, combine, compute, and generate data as you wish. If the many standard data management routines don’t cover what you want, you can develop and deploy them yourself, with your intellectual property fully protected.

Young man working on his computer

Freedom to NOT start from scratch

We offer a fully functional turnkey end-to-end solution, which many of our customers use. However, it’s your choice whether you want to use it or not. Or just part of it. Or whether you decide later. You decide how much of your own expertise you want to contribute, or benefit from what is available.

Screen showing the possibilities for configuring the software

Freedom to choose professional front ends

Choose from a huge selection of predefined front-end tiles for fleet management, operations monitoring, rental, and remote vehicle aftersales services. Brand it, modify it, change it as you wish. And if it’s still not what you want, add as you wish – on your own. Our system is open.

Wheeled loaders being updated over the air

Freedom in deploying professional vehicle control software

Flash Rexroth or third-party domain controllers individually or all together in automated fleet campaigns. Flashing across the mobile radio connection? Not with us. We do the same as with our smartphones. First, we download the update to the vehicle, check it, and then flash the controllers at a time that suits the machine operator. We go the stable way.

Connected icons showing partnership

Freedom to choose partners

Specialist providers of connectivity and data services love our openness. It’s easy for them. So, find independent partners for all sorts of innovative solutions: remote vehicle access, features on demand release and billing, advanced condition monitoring, and many other features. Choose the partners you want. BODAS Connect offers a stable basis that goes far beyond simply complying with the ISO 15143 data format.

Inside view of a wheeled loader cabin with a display showing vehicle data

Freedom to choose vehicle system solutions

BODAS Connect is an integral part of BODAS, our Bosch Rexroth Digital Application Solutions. This allows professional connectivity thanks to pre-thought but open vehicle control and automation system solutions. Payload estimation during the digging work cycle, and data transfer to the quarry’s ERP system are just one example.

In-depth information about Rexroth telematics

Learn more about our holistic yet open telematics IoT solution: Get the documentation now

Why Connectivity from Bosch Rexroth?


Than an IT company: Instead of custom-made big data, get smart data and ready data-to-action solutions from the ones who understand off-highway vehicles and their workflows all the way from the data streams down to the steel and iron part.


Enjoy the freedom of various interfaces to third party ERP solutions to seamlessly get your data to work within your established IT infrastructure.


Select what you need. If you just need device management, book it without the data management. If you want to start with fleet management only, just select these apps and leave the others out.


Start with a small-scale solution and scale up later. Just add other apps and device management features later as you progress.


The Bosch IoT Suite hosts more than 10 million cars. This is for sure not possible without clear and dedicated safety and security concepts with continuous upgrades. Benefit from this automotive power.