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Hydraulic press
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Forming the quicker, safer way.

Forming the quicker, safer way: how certified press modules increase operational safety, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Companies that manufacture hydraulic presses or rubber and plastics machines must ensure that these machines operate safely. The hydraulic systems must be designed to minimize the risk to the operator’s health and any residual risks from the start. Therefore, Constructors face a challenge – they must carefully define how the protective and command systems will interact with the hydraulic safety control system. The best way to do this is to use a general safety control system following certain design variants. If these are met, machine safety depends neither on the size of the press module nor how the press works.

In addition to functional safety, operators are focusing on energy efficiency and an improved energy balance for the overall system. Furthermore, energy-optimised press modules use special switching conditions to reduce the pressure losses between the pump and the actuator. This reduction here means that there is a higher percentage of power available for the net pressing force. Because of this, hydraulic systems can be downsized, and this offers significant cost benefits.

The possibility of downsizing with reduced costs is greater if the press modules are available in various finely graduated sizes. Constructors can choose between three different types (IH04C, IH04D, IH04E) from Bosch Rexroth’s current IH04 range with a standardised safety concept. Both modular systems comprise at least one basic module, a directional valve to control the flow and function-dependent extension modules. Importantly, these downstroke modules come with downsizing potential.

Ultimately, press modules that are optimised for efficiency and feature a standardised safety concept and test certification offer machine manufacturers a range of attractive competitive advantages. These vary from safe operation with minimal residual risk and a better energy balance of the press to a lasting reduction in costs thanks to downsizing and time savings for engineering, commissioning, and assembly. The positive effects on the manufacturing costs and time to market become even greater the more comprehensively the modular approach is used. With Bosch Rexroth adding new functions and press types, the range of applications and potential for optimization will grow.

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