CytroBox power unit in the BMW plant
CytroBox power unit in the BMW plant
Industrial Hydraulics

Innovative hydraulic power supply in compact design

To think big in modern manufacturing, you need to think smaller than ever before. Compact solutions are transforming the manufacturing landscape by minimizing the space required for the hydraulic supply system. Whilst maintaining performance, reducing noise and boosting energy efficiency.

Sound too good to be true? Well that’s exactly what BMW achieved with the help of machinery manufacturer specialist August Mössner and our compact hydraulic power unit CytroBox.

Fast, efficient and compact

Thanks to the new transfer system from Mössner, work on engine blocks at BMW’s Landshut plant has really begun to pick up pace. In addition to increased speed and precision, the system offers another special feature: CytroBox, our new integrated hydraulic supply system.

Think small

Mössner had already had a positive experience with CytroBox’s ‘little brother’, CytroPac – a small power unit used for ancillary functions that generates up to 4kw of power. This gave Mössner additional confidence when choosing CytroBox. Mössner now only needs half the space that was previously required for the hydraulic power supply. In fact, CytroBox provides at least the same level of performance in an area of just half a square meter.

Think quiet

CytroBox is particularly quiet, too. It reaches no more than 75 dB(A), which means it meets the noise requirements set by BMW, even without a housing. “Even when operating, CytroBox is so quiet that our PLC programmer chose to sit right next to it”, says Marco Schulz, design manager at Mössner.

Think efficient

Michael Hüneke, Bosch Rexroth’s project manager, clarifies why the need-based supply system used by Mössner is proving to be more energy efficient. “With this application, CytroBox stands still for around 15 percent of the time and doesn’t use any energy. Under load, the power consumption is just 80 percent of what it was with the previous hydraulic power supply, even though the installed power is the same. This means a total saving of almost a third of the power consumption.”

Think IoT & pay-per-use ready

IoT capability was another main consideration. Integrated sensors, condition monitoring ability and the option of activating IoT services such as predictive maintenance, makes CytroBox a future-proof solution.

With the introduction of plug-and-play solutions, Mössner’s days of laboriously building complex units are over. Standardization has simplified many processes, from engineering and configuration, to documentation with circuit diagrams available immediately, to quick delivery and commissioning via plug and play.

“Up until now, the hydraulic supply system was always the last link in the chain”, summarizes Markus Fuchs, purchasing manager at Mössner.

“Now the situation has changed: the hydraulic supply system reduces our time to market and makes our systems future-viable, which increases the benefits for our customers.”
– Linus Killberg, Product Manager, Power Units