High response directional valves
High response directional valves
Industrial Hydraulics

IO-Link valves, the perfect choice

Italian-Swiss company, ST BlowMoulding, specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of extrusion blow moulding machines all over the world. They chose Bosch Rexroth’s IO-Link valves to design the first “Made in Europe” injection blow moulding machine equipped with this technology.

The open standard IO-Link allows for the hydraulic valves and sensors to be easily and reliably connected without having to interfere the process control. The IO-Link valves provide many advantages, including reducing electromagnetic interference and providing numerous ways to digitally retrieve operating states and diagnostics information. This data provides precise information on the operation of their component and their level of wear, allowing for improved reliability and increased availability.

Leading the way

The dynamic valve types 4WRPEH and 4WRLE with IO-Link interface were chosen by ST BlowMoulding to manage the hydraulic axes that make up the core of the machine. Rexroth is the first hydraulic manufacturer to equip 4WRPEH analog proportional control valves with the IO-Link interface. The extrusion and adjustment of the parison thickness, the closing of the press and the PWDS dynamic regulation system are all managed in IO-Link.

"Our IO-Link valves are an alternative solution to traditional analog valves" says Stefano Peschiaroli, Sales Product Manager Industrial Hydraulics at Bosch Rexroth in Italy. "The simplification of the wiring, the reduction of electromagnetic disturbances and the possibility of more carefully monitoring the operation of the machine save time and money, guaranteeing greater product quality and ever higher performance".

High-response directional valves

Pilot operated, valves type 4WRLE are high response control valves with spool position feedback, with onboard electronics in the new series-4X, an increased temperature range and a more robust design providing more resistance to mechanical shock and vibration mean it is well-suited to a wide range of demanding closed loop applications. 4WRPEH valves offer fast response, minimal hysteresis, and are excellent performers in closed loop applications.

"The advantages of an 'all digital' machine are many" says Marco Boracchi, expert at ST BlowMoulding. “We have decided to initiate this transformation to meet the growing demand from companies oriented towards Industry 4.0. The results of the tests carried out on the machine are more than positive. We are targeting the absence of electromagnetic interference and increased productivity.”

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