Bringing our expertise closer to you

We are expanding our global footprint with local Certified Excellence (CE) Partners, making it quicker and easier for you to access our products and services in over 80 countries. Certified to our own high standards, you’ll get the same level of excellence from our CE-Partners as from our own experts

Local partners complement our portfolio with their own services and products from other suppliers to give you a unique one-stop-shop experience. Each partner has qualified as part of a multi-step process and meets our stringent quality standards in terms of sales, service, logistics and technical knowledge.

Certified Excellence wherever it is needed.

The Certified Excellence Partner Network is made up of four partner types.

distribution partner

Distribution Partners

stock a portfolio of the most in-demand products and help OEMs and end-users to select products using the same e-tools as our own sales team use. They can take over the application-related selection of products and recommend substitutions, so you avoid costly under or oversizing and get replacements quickly.

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service partners

Service Partners

provide our services to the same high standards as our own experts. They have access to current and historical product information, enabling them to quickly identify components and spare parts. When retrofitting and modernising machines and systems, they can provide you with customised solutions.

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solution partner

Solutions Partners

supply partial systems and can put together complete solutions for machine functions. As application specialists for a wide range of target industries, they combine various technologies such as electric drives and controls with linear technology, industrial hydraulics, assembly technology or solutions for intralogistics. They’re familiar with our vision for the Factory of the Future, Connected Hydraulics and Transforming Mobile Machines, so they can accompany you on your journey towards digital transformation.

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training partner

Training Partners

provide technology training using the same systems and teachware that we use. The equipment, content and technical theory are in line with that of the Bosch Rexroth Academy. Once you’ve successfully completed the course, these partners can issue you with Bosch Rexroth certificates.

Looking for a partner near you?

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