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Shining a light on our Hydraulic Heroes

At Bosch Rexroth, we're committed to simplifying solutions for our customers in the complex landscape of industrial engineering. Our extensive product portfolio offers tailored solutions for the entire lifecycle of machinery, but what truly sets us apart is our passionate team of hydraulics experts, with their thirst for innovation, profound industry knowledge, and unyielding commitment.

Read the interviews with our Hydraulic Heroes below:

ben hh

Read Ben's Interview

Ben is driving innovation at Rexroth, proving that a combination of technology and innovative practices can lead us to a brighter, more efficient future!


Read Brian's Interview

Brian is passionate about making our customers feel heard and strives to improve the quality of service they receive. He believes that the best way to achieve customer retention is by adding value to their journey.

daniel hh

Read Daniel's Interview

Daniel is leading the charge in transforming hydraulics into a cutting-edge, connected technology. Sytronix is an example of our commitment to sustainability, seamlessly merging traditional and modern for a greener future!

jason hh

Read Jason's interview

Jason is taking the lead on iconic engineering projects. He takes pride in providing solutions to keep London moving.

martin hh

Read Martin's Interview

Martin takes the lead on the handling of Hydraulics applications across various sectors. He is committed to ensuring Rexroth carries out its projects in an environmentally conscious manner.

mollie hh

Read Mollie's Interview

Mollie is excited about the future of Hydraulics and takes pride in building power units. She embraces new challenges and is forever eager to learn about the industry.

richard hh

Read Richard's Interview

Richard is at the forefront of the digital revolution in hydraulics, where precision meets innovation. The Cytro range showcases not just the evolution of technology but also the integration of digital solutions, revolutionizing maintenance with the power of machine learning.

steve hh

Read Steve's Interview

Steve is the catalyst behind our UK Sales Team, helping customers reduce running costs and achieve energy efficiency! The Cytro range not only demonstrates technological advancement but also incorporates digital solutions to help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

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