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IndraMotion MTX micro

MTX Micro instruments from Rexroth

Profitability with complete functional range

The market for CNC machine tools is very diverse today and also requires lowcost control and drive solutions for standard turning and milling machines. CNC system IndraMotion MTX micro from Rexroth is the ideal tool for these applications and is exceptionally affordable.

IndraMotion MTX micro is the compact, simple, powerful, and nevertheless low-cost CNC solution from Rexroth for standard turning and milling machines. It consists of a custom HMI and a compact multi-axis drive controller with high-capacity CNC control and PLC.


  • Easy to use and practical and ultra-high reliability and production accuracy – down to the nanometer
  • Machining times minimized thanks to a high-performance 32-bit processor
  • Fast, easy commissioning of the turnkey system
  • Small installation space in control cabinet required to accommodate compact multi-axis drive controller
  • Direct connection to 200 - 500 V, 50 - 60 Hz supply mains without a transformer

All of these advantages make IndraMotion MTX micro the most compact and high-performance CNC in its class.