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United Kingdom

Ingot sawing



  • Saw wire handling
  • High dynamics
  • Synchronous axis motion
  • Buffering of power fluctuations


  • IndraMotion MLC controller-based motion logic system
  • Motion control, PLC and technology functions as module library, integrated in one system architecture
  • Maximum synchronization precision for all multi-axis applications
  • Pneumatic dancer control
  • Easy and low-cost
  • Well-proven in the textile and paper industry

Your Benefit

  • Increased machine performance with maximum synchronization precision for all multi-axis applications and thus avoidance of wire break.
  • Swifter machine engineering with pre-programmed technology functions as module library.
  • Maximum system availability with long-term lubrication, maximum system rigidity and fully integrated sealing for profiled rail systems.
  • Simple and low-cost machine design thanks to pneumatic dancer control