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Application areas

  • Dredging; with courtesy of Jan de Nul

    Application areas

    The most important dredging application areas, in which Rexroth is an experienced partner when it comes to delivering certified products and customized solutions, are:

    - Hopper dredgers

    - Cutter dredgers

    - Split barges

    - Other dredging vessels

  • Hopper dredge; with courtesy of Van Oord
    Hopper dredgers

    Hopper dredgers

    Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD) excavate materials from the seabed, primarily by its forward movement and suction power, through an extendable suction-pipe and a draghead.

  • Cutter dredge; with courtesy of DEME
    Cutter dredger

    Cutter dredgers

    Cutter suction dredgers (CSD) are equipped with a hydraulic cutter head to increase the dislodging force. These cutter dredgers are suitable for use in high strength materials such as clays, packed or compact sands and rocks.

  • Split barge; with courtesy of Jan de Nul
    Split barges

    Split barges

    Split Hopper Barges (SHB) take care of transporting the soil that hopper- and cutter dredgers obtain during their work.

  • Back hoe dredge; with courtesy of Jan de Nul
    Other dredging vessels

    Other dredgers

    Other dredging activities can vary from the excavation of soils done by back hoe dredgers to placing steady pole constructions for highways by piling barges.


Products and solutions

- Suction pipe handling

- Unloading systems

- Loading systems

- Winch systems

- Spud systems

- Barge loading installation

- Sand pump systems

- Cutter ladder systems

- Unloading systems

- Overflow systems

- Winch systems

- Auxiliaries

- Back hoe dredging

- Side stone dumping vessel

- Fall pipe vessel

- Piling barges

- Work platforms