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System overview

System overview

IndraMotion for Metal Forming meets all control and drive requirements for press automation. The scalable system concept allows for automation of all types of presses, from simple independent machines to complex production plants.

We can supply IndraMotion for Metal Forming in the following forms to meet the different requirements of your production systems:

  • Single-axis applications with IndraMotion MLD-S
    • Rollfeeds
    • Feed straighteners
    • Flying shear
    • Rotary shear
    • Unwinders
    • Straighteners

IndraMotion MLD-S used as a drive-integrated single-axis automation system, is the optimal solution for decentral applications with low requirements on I/O peripherals and sensors.

  • Multi-axis applications with IndraMotion MLD-M and IndraMotion MLC
    • Blanking lines
    • Flying shear system
    • Profiling systems
    • Perforating presses (incl. shear computer)
    • Zig-zag feeds
    • Infeed/outfeed
    • Stacker and destacker
    • Electronic controlled press transfer
    • Tandem press lines
    • (Compact) crossbar transfer systems
    • Stacking devices
    • Servo presses

IndraMotion MLD-M is designed for applications with up to 8 axes and low requirements on I/O peripherals and sensors. Fully integrated into the drive unit, it allows the performance capability of this modular and flexible drive system to be utilized to the maximum.

IndraMotion MLC is the right choice if you want to automate a system with more than 8 axes and/or have enhanced requirements on your peripherals. IndraMotion MLC also permits cross communication with additional control systems through SERCOS III.

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