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Drive & Control solutions for Civil Engineering:
Long-life, robust and safe

Hydroelectric power stations generate renewable electricity, locks make waterways usable, and movable bridges connect places. At the same time, structures protect us against storm tides and floods, or they create living spaces through a regulated water supply. For decades, Rexroth has been the world’s leading project partner for automation of such civil engineering solutions.

To support, connect and protect people

To build structures to last for centuries, and to operate them with ultimate availability for decades: Clients, designers and operators of civil engineering projects think longterm.

Rexroth is the world's most experienced automation partner for civil engineering solutions which have proven their worth on all continents for decades.

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Your Requirements

  • New construction or modernisation of installed systems
  • Extremely robust to ensure a long service life
  • Reliability and availability
  • Operational safety
  • Safe state, even when there is a power failure
  • Service life of 20 to 40 years

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