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Hydraulics for large 2-stroke engine systems:
Precision components - low maintenance, economical

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    Nagoya Express

    Leading engine manufacturers, shipyards, shipping companies and sub-assembly suppliers have relied on Rexroth for decades.

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    Engine Room, Nagoya Express

    Efficient system components and application-specific know-how within large engines set Rexroth apart from the competition. Solutions range from components specifically designed for maritime use, through to complete systems.

Transport volume increases, emission standards, operating cost reductions, no allowance for unscheduled downtimes - reasons enough to search out system components that are intelligent and preferably single sourced. Hydraulic components that complement each other by delivering precision and efficiency while setting the standard in the market. Extremely long service life with global service availability. Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging our reliability. Welcome to Rexroth!


Optimum fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation lower emissions:
At the same time, they come with optimised fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation systems to enable compliance with emission standards. Lower your TCO in a clean and reliable manner - for example with the FIVA valve, which implements the injection profiles provided by the control unit with utmost precision. This allows manufacturers of two-stroke marine engines to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. By sticking exactly to the ideal profile, the FIVA valve guarantees highest performance and boasts excellent dynamics and repetitive precision.


Ultra-modern test procedures and simulation technology:

Bosch Rexroth specialists start working for instance with ship outfitters already in the earliest development stages of a project. We make full use of our application-specific know how and decades of experience in order to find the best possible solution for a specific application. We therefore employ state-of-the-art test procedures in the development of these solutions and use the latest calculation and simulation technologies in analysing vibrations and component deformation. This is followed by prototype testing and optimisation. All of these factors enable Bosch Rexroth to guarantee the highest standards.

Engine failure leads to high costs, especially in maritime applications. It is therefore crucial to prevent component failure outside of the scheduled maintenance requirements. In addition, maintenance times should be used effectively. In order to support ship operators in their routine maintenance, lower maintenance costs and guarantee timely availability, Bosch Rexroth maintains a network of service stations at all major ports. Special REMAN exchange programs for pumps ensure fast access to spare parts throughout the entire service life of the engines. Thanks to its setup, experienced specialists and worldwide presence in over 80 countries, Bosch Rexroth is an ideal partner.

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Rexroth Hydraulics for Two-Stroke Ship's Diesel Engine from MAN Diesel & Turbo