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Ocean Energy


In order to prevent the worldwide increasing demand for energy from leading to unjustifiable consequences for mankind and the environment, in particular caused by global warming, it is necessary to harness energy more and more from renewable sources. In demand are ecologically and economically sustainable and efficient methods of power generation.

The use of the oceans as an energy source can offer a meaningful contribution to the future energy mix in many regions. Especially where ample resources are found close to important power consumers (two thirds of the global population lives in coastal areas). In this case investments in electricity infrastructure and line losses can be minimised.


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Market Requirements


Ocean energy converters harness the energy from waves or currents. The kinetic energy is absorbed by a mechanical structure and transferred to a downstream converter, the so called power-take-off-system (PTO). The output of the PTO typically provides electric power. Besides converting the energy, other tasks of the PTO are usually frequency adaption, limiting, smoothening and storing of the absorbed energy.

  • For the Wave Energy Converter(WEC) developer, this removes the responsibility of developing the Power Take Off (PTO) system
  • This is a total integrated solution for offshore wave to wire from one supplier
  • Conventional hydraulic and electrical components inside an environmentally controlled enclosure giving reliability and component mass production savings from the start, minimising the risks to the project on new product development. New product improvements can be integrated when proven.
  • System includes: Hydraulics cylinders, motors and controls, Electrical controls PLC’s etc, programming, communications, environmental control of the enclosure and full life cycle management and global support.
  • Each solution will be unique to suit the WEC but with the aim of collaborative learning to develop the industry.

Technical Requirements:

The deployment in the sea poses extreme requirements on the device:

The corrosive medium salt water requires special materials and coatings. In extreme conditions forces occur, which can exceed the cut-in level of the converter by a factor of 1000. In most cases maintenance work can only be executed with high effort and during limited time slots. Following requirements can be derived from that:

• High availability

• Long maintenance intervals of up to 5 years

• High life cycle time of up to 30 years

• Protection against environmental conditions (e.g. salt water)

• High efficiency over a wide load range

i.e. decisive for the success of all ocean energy concepts are robust and reliable solutions, which are suitable for the application under such rough environmental conditions.

In the long term only a few device concepts will prevail – those which respect the decisive factor for success: The levelised costs of electricity. And these costs are determined by investment and operating costs, life time, efficiency and availability.