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Testing Technology

Obtaining reliable results with efficiency: Bosch Rexroth provides customised technologies for testing applications

– Modular equipment for service life testing in motor vehicle construction
– Intelligent project planning for individualised concepts
– Hydraulic power unit with programmable controller for pressure supply


Testing Equipment

Testing equipment for testing the durability of vehicles has a modular structure. The use of standardised sub-assemblies combined with intelligent engineering yields individual concepts, which can be integrated in the individual testing equipment in the form of self-contained overall systems.

Testing of functions and components

With the testing rigs in the form either of testing function rigs for hydraulic components/vehicle components or of testing component rigs for testing the durability of vehicle components, weak points are identified and eliminated, and product quality is documented.


Central Hydraulic Power Station

Typical test centers of car manufacturers and OEM car part suppliers need to supply a wide range of hydraulic actuators of different testing and simulation equipment.

For this purpose it is of high advantage to install a central hydraulic power station with a programmable controller to control the pressure supply. This comprises in-house pipework with a pressure, tank and leakage oil line, the shut-off valves and monitoring sensors.

Real and Inverse Crash Facilities

The automotive industry continuously is facing demands for tougher safety standards which has been compelled to build high-precision test equipment.

Real and inverse crash facilities are the answer to this question. They are used in the laboratory to investigate accident situations to get information about the passive safety of the vehicle and its components.