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Agricultural and Forestry Machinery

  • Agricultural Machinery

    Agricultural and Forestry Machinery

    Agricultural and forestry machines are not only expected to handle goods at a high speed, but also to maintain continuously high profitability.

    High-performance drive and control solutions from Rexroth guarantee greater efficiency under these hard operating conditions.


  • Forestry Machinery

    Agricultural and Forestry Machinery

    Applications include:

    - Tractors

    - Tree Fellers

    - Crop sprayers

    - Combine and Forge Harvesters

    - Skidders

    - Forwarders

    - Log Loaders


From EHC to PRC: Bosch Rexroth Technology
for Agricultural and Forestry Machines

Today, there are seven billion people on the earth - and this number is on the rise. In a report from November 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, FAO, stated that food production has to increase by around 70 percent by 2050. However, existing and new farmland is limited and available resources must therefore be used more effectively and sustainably. This requires modern agricultural and forestry machines. Bosch Rexroth supplies modern travel drives and energy-efficient working hydraulics as well as hardware and software allowing to electronically control these machines.

  • Electrohydraulic solutions for precision in agriculture
  • Hydraulic drives are gentle on the soil and lower fuel consumption
  • Automatic gear shifting increases productivity and comfort


Our experts for the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery industry sector develop drive and control solutions customised to your needs. These solutions include robust and reliable products, such as gear pumps, variable displacement pumps, radial piston motors, steerings units, control blocks and electronic control units. One way of increasing efficiency is by precision agriculture which is characterised by an increased use of electronic controls. The EHR electrohydraulic hitch control, for instance, allows for a more precise cultivation of the ground. In addition, it makes it significantly easier for the user to handle the machine with the attachment used. With Bosch Rexroth, you will get all EHR system components from one source – including the controller, control valve, control panel and sensors.


Please get in contact with a Bosch Rexroth Mobile Applications specialist:

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Email: sales@boschrexroth.co.uk


The EHR electrohydraulic hitch control, automatic gear switching and continuously variable transmissions (CVT) also increase the level of comfort at work. Moreover, CVTs achieve better results, lower energy consumption and higher productivity. Bosch Rexroth supplies compenents as well as software for this technology.

The trend towards a more gentle cultivation of the soil and towards an increased level of comfort for the operator has an effect on the requirements for attachments. Not only should attachments sit optimally on the surface to be worked on in any weather conditions, but they should also - and above all - be affordable, compact and easy for the driver to use. This is why Bosch Rexroth developed the Pressure Relief Control (PRC). The PRC can be used with front linkages for all types of attachments such as mowers and mulchers.

Thanks to local development and production, Bosch Rexroth is also present outside of the traditional markets in the US and Europe. By working in close cooperation with our customers and in close proximity to them, we are able to create products that meet the requirements and needs of the local markets.