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Electronification for Mobile Machines

Electronification Case Study

Advancements in drives and controls have led to unparalleled capabilities for multi-purpose mobile machinery


The Complete Machine Control System

This case study explores how Bosch Rexroth provided a bespoke solution for a mobile machine. Our combined hydraulic and electronic solution enabled our client to meet five specialist functions in a single machine which enabled them to meet almost 80% of their annual projects, reducing inventory restrictions and maintenance costs.

- One machine designed to meet five specialist functions

- Highly advanced variable electronic drives

- Interconnected hydraulic and electronic control systems

- Market driven machine development to current building regulations

- Robust and durable components for extreme environments



Bosch Rexroth worked with SoilMec to develop the SR-75 Hydraulic Piling machine with optimum manoeuvrability and precision using electronically controlled pumps, valves and motors. This technology development was driven by a requirement for multi-purpose equipment to benefit from enhances traceability and reduced maintenance.

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