Linear Motion Designer

A way to quickly configure your total linear drive

Whether you want to configure a system with rail systems, ball bush guides and ballscrews, or a system with planetary spindles for extremely high loads, it is all possible with the Linear Motion Designer. This eTool saves a lot of time, and therefore should not be missing from any toolbox of a mechatronic engineer.

Dimensioning one axis of a system “from scratch” can easily take an engineer a few hours. And most systems don't consist of a single axis… they consist of a multitude of axes. It is therefore worth taking a step in that direction. Not only to help you calculate your configuration, but also for the 3D CAD file that is automatically generated.

Engineering is often an iterative design process, you start somewhere with "temporary" specifications and then adapt it during the project to the latest requirements and specifications of the client. It is then nice that you don't have to start over in such a process. The LMD also supports that design process and parameter changes can be made easily in a saved project.

All documentation of the configuration and calculation is also available. This is useful as a reference for the project.

The Linear Motion Designer is intuitive, user-friendly, takes safety aspects into account and includes all Rexroth profiled rail systems, ball bush guides and spindle drives. It simplifies the entire engineering process, from component selection, to a configurable CAD file, to ordering in the eShop.

"For me, the LMD is more than just a time saver. With the LMD I have certainty, I can fall back on the results of the calculation and thus exclude my own calculation errors.”

ing. Herman ter Schure
Sales engineer, Perdok Services & Engineering

LMD is completely free and for good reason. We benefit from using the right components. Oversizing in power, speed or accuracy quickly makes a system too expensive. On the other hand, if a component is dimensioned too lightly, the service life is jeopardized. And that is something we want to avoid at all times.

Download Linear Motion Designer below: