How to determine the correct linear drive within 15 minutes

Suffering from choice stress when it comes to linear drives? Can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to our product families? Or do you need help making trade-offs between, for example, lifespan and speed or accuracy? Then we have good news for you, help is available in the form of the eTool LinSelect.

Like many Bosch Rexroth eTools, LinSelect is completely free and for good reason. We benefit from using the right components. Oversizing in power, speed or accuracy quickly makes a system too expensive. On the other hand, if a component is dimensioned too lightly, the service life is jeopardized. And that is something we want to avoid at all times.

Have you found it, the ideal linear drive? Surely! Then you can have LinSelect generate the 2D and 3D CAD files at the push of a button. The same applies to ordering, your complete configuration is transferred to our eShop at the push of a button. So easy!

“With LinSelect I can quickly choose the right linear components… based on hard data and not on gut feeling.”
ing. Herman ter Schure
Sales engineer, Perdok Services & Engineering

Download the LinSelect program below: