Smart MechatroniX

Smart MechatroniX

With the Smart MechatroniX platform you will take a decisive step towards the Factory of the Future.

Smart MechatroniX

Handling Award Winner

Motek, Germany

Smart MechatroniX

Leap Award Winner (Bronze)

Mechanical category, United States

Next level mechatronic

With the Smart MechatroniX platform you combine the best components for linear motion technology with electronics and software.

Widely applicable solutions:

• Fast commissioning

• Full process transparency

• Short time to market

• High productivity

Next level mechatronics, ready for the Factory of the Future

Smart MechatroniX

Plug & Produce

Get started quickly and easily with the smart solution packages:

• Easy configuration

• Fast intuitive commissioning

• Visual programming

Smart MechatroniX


Maximum productivity thanks to high operational efficiency and reliability.

• Great process transparency

• Multiple processes in one system

• Increasing the degree of automation

Smart MechatroniX


Flexible, sustainable and future-proof thanks to its modular construction.

• IoT-ready

• Intelligent and connected

• High overall equipment efficiency

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