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Engineering Software MTpro

Planning Software

MTpro is an intuitive software program used for planning assembly systems. It assists you along the entire process, from selection to configuration, up to ordering of components.


MTpro at a glance

With MTpro you can plan, calculate, and document your assembly systems in just a few steps. Whether a transfer system, profile frame, or Manual Production System, – with the intuitive operating concept of the Layout Designer, you can create complex designs and system layouts in no time at all.

Components can be selected from the range via drag & drop and assembled quickly and easily using the snap function. You can then simply order the components required for your configuration online. Thanks to an automatic parts list calculation, you always keep your costs under control. Due to numerous interfaces, you can also use the planning data for design, purchasing, and service.

Constructions of frames and enclosures with Basic Mechanic Elements

Ergonomic design of Manual Production Systems with the ManModel function

Layout planning for transfer systems


Your advantages:

  • Fast planning of complete frames without CAD software
  • Simple construction with drag & drop
  • User library to reuse your own modules and layouts

Your advantages:

  • Simulation of reach zones and visual fields with standardised “ManModels” for optimised workstation ergonomics
  • Female and male models with small, medium, and large stature

Your advantages:

  • Layout Designer for planning of complete conveyor systems
  • Design logic supports fast, error free component assembly
  • Consideration of the system environment with the option of adding room planning elements


There are two versions of MTpro: MTpro light is restricted to the Layout Designer and available for download. The full version of MTpro can be ordered on DVD with more advanced features.

New: The ManModel function in MTpro makes designing of ergonomic work stations easier through simulation.

The DVD contains:


Layout Designer:

Layout Designer for planning and constructing complete frames and conveyor systems without a CAD system

  • Assembly of catalog components to form modules and systems in a virtual 3-D scene without CAD systems
  • Design rules to support users in the creation of complete systems
  • User library to save and reuse your own designs
  • Exporting the 3-D layout as a solid into all common CAD systems and save in CAD exchange formats (STEP, SAT, IGES, ...)
  • Automatic order list generation of all accessories
  • Transfer of CAD models with parts list information in supported CAD systems

Product Information

Product information for the following product lines:

  • MGE Basic Mechanical Elements
  • MPS Manual Production Systems
  • MIT Material and Information Flow Technology

Multilingual contents and user interface

  • switch between 7 different languages at run-time (de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh)

Product configuration and calculation of order lists

  • Order CAD parameters
  • Calculation of order information
  • CAD model generator

System requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • At least 6 GB hard drive memory
  • Adobe Reader from version 10 onwards
  • Internet access for licensing Layout Designer and for automatic updates

Recommendation for Layout Designer:

  • Windows 7 or 8, 64bit
  • Intel® Core™ i7 or comparable processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics card compatible with OpenGL

Layout Designer License:

To inquire about a software license please contact our local sales representatives:


Sales: 0345 604 4106



Generation of CAD models with direct interfaces to all common CAD systems

  • Export of configurated models in the most popular file formats
  • Multifunctional drivers allow you to insert the configured CAD models with parts list information directly in your current drawing or CAD model
  • Edit the properties of products you have already inserted in your CAD drawing
  • Interoperable with FMSsoft: Parts inserted with MTpro will be considered in the FMSsoft parts list and vice versa