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Open Core Engineering

With Open Core Engineering, Bosch Rexroth is currently revolutionising software engineering. The combination of PLC and modern IT such as smart devices and apps enables yet unknown degrees of freedom, flexibility and efficiency in automation processes.


Meet new software engineering challenges with new opportunities

The development of innovative, specialised functions offering maximum customer benefit must also keep up with the concurrent entry of new IT technologies into the automation field – like smart devices and modern communication architectures.

This increased use of high-level languages and device platforms is opening up new integration opportunities for enhancing production workflow automation and flexibility. Open Core Engineering: Freedom and efficiency redefined.


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  • Efficiency

    More efficient engineering for consistant software solutions

    The software tools, function packages and multi-technology solutions associated with Open Core Engineering accelerate the engineering workflow.

    Open Core Engineering offers benefits in every step of the engineering process, from initial configuration to production operations.

  • Flexibility

    Open Core Interface - new levels of freedom in engineering

    The new application options now available for smart devices, together with their integration into IT infrastructures, are changing the automation sector.

    With the Open Core Interface, users enjoy PLC programming and unparalleled flexibility with device platform selection and high-level language integration in machine projects.

  • Individualisation

    Individualisation: the definitive competitive advantage

    Machine manufacturers aspire to gain a competitive advantage by offering innovative functions. In the past developing such functions was only possible with the co-operation of the control manufacturer.

    But now, with Open Core Engineering, Rexroth is opening controls up right down to their core to enable the independent creation of customised functions supported by the existing firmware.

  • Future-proof solutions

    Future-proof solutions for manufacturers and end-users

    The choice of automation system is a critical decision for machine manufacturers – only those solutions with maximum maneuverability and flexibility can be counted on to safeguard your investments into the future.