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Connention Technology


The right connection element for every application – no problem for the modular profile system from Bosch Rexroth!

Inner brackets

The bracket for an elegant, cost-efficient, and easy-to-assembly solution

  • Available for every Bosch Rexroth groove
  • Recommended for constructing frames for doors, protective grilles, and partition walls
  • End finishing not necessary
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 3,000 N (depending on design and type of assembly)

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Online Catalogue: Inner bracket R


Attractive bracket for fast, exact, and anti-torsion assembly

  • Uniform design from 20/20 to 100/100
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 15,000 N (depending on design and type of assembly)
  • Simple overhead assembly with twist-in fasteners & position recognition

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The universal joint for up to 180°

  • With 15° graduation for exact angle setting
  • Lock for quick connection and release, individually adjustable
  • Fast, anti-torsion assembly with centering lugs

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Cube connectors

Connector for anti-torsion corner connectors with 2 or 3 profiles and attractive appearance

  • Suitable for doors or frames and enclosures
  • High rigidity

Online Catalogue: Cubic Connectors


Corner brackets

Inexpensive bracket with caps in two designs: round & square

  • Anti-torsion assembly
  • Self-forming screws: no finishing necessary

Online Catalogue: Corner Bracket


The high-load connector

  • Adjustable to profile groove
  • Anti-torsion
  • Smart: end connectors can be created using 2 T-connectors
  • 9,000 N displacement force
  • No end finishing

Online Catalogue: T-connector


45° connectors

Attractive connector with cap and good screw accessibility

  • Suitable for reinforcement of frames and stations due to high force absorption

Online Catalogue: 45° Connector

Bolt connectors

Connector for extreme loads

  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Forces are symmetrically distributed to the stable profile core via 2 screws

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Quick connectors

Our most popular connector for system construction

  • Good accessibility for simple and fast assembly
  • 3 grooves remain free to support surface elements
  • Can slide in profile groove

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