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Quick & Easy, the new generation of profile machining


500,000 possibilities -- quick, easy, and inexpensive

The aluminum modular profile system from Rexroth is being expanding to include a multitude of options for custom profile machining. The solution is called Quick & Easy and offers around 500,000 simple and standardised machining variants at any point on the aluminum profile. These include standard machining for Rexroth connection technology, as well as individual milling, bores, and miter cuts.

You can define your individual process using the Quick & Easy configuration in our online catalogue.

The software allows you to plan a customised profile or frame, including CAD models, in all common formats and even place your order using a single part number. From planning to delivery – everything is Quick & Easy!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Simplified logistics
  • Attractive finishing prices
  • 500,000 possible combinations
  • 30 different finishes per profile
  • Can be configured via the online catalogue, eShop, MTpro DVD, or by fax
  • Extremely short delivery time
  • Simple, standardised descriptions of profile finishes
  • The old numbering system for profile end finishes has been retained

Individual profile finishes

With individual profile finishes, Quick & Easy offers numerous advantages:

  • Precise finishing at almost every point on the profile
  • Highest variety of available finishes
  • Available for all profiles
  • Finishes possible in almost all combinations, including sequence finishing
  • A wide variety of finishes from one source

The following finishes are possible:

  • Through holes
  • Blind holes
  • Stepped bores
  • Cross milling (transverse to the longitudinal axis)
  • Lengthwise milling (in the longitudinal axis)
  • Miter cuts