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Manual Linking


Rexroth also offers a full range of material supply products for use in production and at workstations

Custom workstation material shuttle

With the workstation material shuttle, if dealing with numerous variants, you have the option to precommission a material shuttle with the associated parts for each product variant.

  • Conversion times are reduced to a minimum
  • The material shuttles can be adapted to the custom workstations

Standard logistics material shuttle

The logistics material shuttle is used to manually link a supermarket shelf with workstations, or to link two workstations or production islands. Logisticians use the material shuttle to supply workstations with material from the supermarket.

Individual solutions are possible with custom logistics material shuttles


FiFo station

The FiFo station can be compared to a supermarket for floor rollers, material shuttles and commissioning shuttles. The supermarket's size can be adjusted easily and quickly to your individual needs through the modular construction of the rail system.

Manual Linking with EcoFlow

EcoFlow components are used to implement material flow systems at workstations, to link workstations, as well as in the warehouse and commissioning area. Materials in various containers, e.g. in blister packs and small parts containers, can be supplied directly at the workstation or via a supermarket shelf with EcoFlow.

Custom conveyor tracks can be used to e.g. individually link workstation. Here, you define the necessary track width, as well as the conveyor medium suitable for your application.