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TS 2plus Transfer System. Multi-Talented for a Wide Range of Applications


The Rexroth TS 2plus transfer system is a multi-talented system, which guarantees economic production. It is a diverse modular system that meets the requirements of a broad spectrum of different products.

Special TS 2plus units

Apart from the different types of conveying media (polyamide belts, toothed belts, flat top chains and accumulation roller chains), the TS 2plus also provides an abundance of specific units including curves, transverse conveyors, position and drive units. In addition to this, the time and effort spent on planning and designing can also be reduced to a minimum thanks to the predefined macro modules.

TS 2plus Heavy Duty

The new heavy-duty components of the Rexroth TS 2plus transfer system optimise transport of heavy workpieces on small surfaces. The systematic use of steel parts instead of synthetic ones in critical areas permits continuous loads up to 200 kg per meter. Reinforced conveyor profiles and stainless steel guides combined with sturdy conveyor chains open up new applications in a variety of industries.

Application examples

The wide range of different applications demonstrates just how diverse the TS 2plus is: it is used for example by automotive suppliers (motor controls, car radios, headlights, sun roofs), electronics (computers, monitors, printers, decoders) as well a for producing small household appliances (coffee machines, irons) and electric tools (drills, cutters).

Benefits: Diverse, sturdy, adaptable

Due to a large number of modular components incorporated in the system, it can be adapted to suit specific production conditions and individual layouts without any problem:

  • Four types of conveying media which can be combined together to meet the needs of the assembly process
  • Workpiece pallets specifically designed for the product sizes
  • A high maximum load of up to 100 kg per workpiece pallet
  • Workpiece pallet sizes:
  • 160 x 160 mm to 1040 x 800 mm