The electromechanical cylinder EMC-HP

Electromechanical cylinder EMC-HP

Compact power – More freedom – Less maintenance


The electromechanical cylinder EMC-HP

A high-power actuator – freely adaptable to all machine concepts

The electromechanical cylinder EMC-HP (High Power) was specifically developed for heavy-duty applications. Extremely robust and compact, the actuator guarantees a long service life and high continuous performance even under the harshest conditions. A high-precision planetary screw drive ensures exact positioning – with maximum control accuracy and dynamics.

The EMC-HP can be easily adapted to new processes and machine concepts, as the parameters can be freely adjusted and complex travel profiles implemented. This significantly reduces commissioning costs and downtimes.

Product information

The advantages at a glance

  • Compact: less space required, easy to integrate
  • Complete: tailored components from a single source
  • Robust: durable and easily replaceable seals
  • Flexible: versatile, numerous mounting options, length freely configurable
  • Powerful: reliable continuous operation thanks to improved spindle cooling
  • Economical: energy efficient, low operating costs, less downtime
  • Low maintenance: longer relubrication intervals

Technical key data

  • PLSA precision planetary screw drive
  • Max. axial force: 44 kN to 100 kN
  • Max. travel speed: 0.52 m / s to 0.83 m / s
  • Max. stroke: 1,200 mm to 1,500 mm
  • Protection class: IP54

Visualization of 16 application examples in the form of icons


  • 1–4: pressing - press fitting - crimping - deep drawing
  • 5–8: bending - embossing - folding - sawing
  • 9–12: punching - riveting - clinching - positioning
  • 13–16: tensioning - lifting - straightening - spring testing