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IMS Integrated Measuring System


Guide and measure linear position for ultra-high precision and expert workpiece quality

Manufacturing productivity and quality absolutely depend on accurate production machine data - which is why Bosch Rexroth created the IMS Integrated Measuring System to enhance the value and performance of our linear rail technology.

Seamlessly integrated into our ball rail and roller rail systems, Rexroth provides choices: The IMS-I incremental measuring system, or the IMS-A, an absolute length measuring system. Both linear encoders provide accuracy comparable to glass measurement systems (without requiring additional machine space) and are ideally suited for external measurement applications in systems such as machine tools.

IMS-A: Absolute measurement

The IMS-A integrated measuring system offers both absolute and incremental coded scales, with the absolute code band completely integrated into the rail. It provides:

  • Absolute position information immediately after system start-up
  • Cost and space savings, since no additional components such as batteries are required
  • Machine switch-on without a reference run, minimising production ramp-up time

IMS-I: Incremental measurement

The IMS-I integrated measuring system uses the inductive measuring principle for non-contact position measuring. It provides:

  • Precisely engineered incremental scale and integrated reference marks
  • Absolute positioning measured using inductive sensor to evaluate the incremental scale and individual reference marks
  • Wear-free due to the non-contact system design

Key IMS Benefits at a glance:


  • All components made of steel
  • Scale and sensors are not corrupted by external magnetic fields
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Resistant to contamination and vibration
  • Not susceptible to EMV interference


  • Repeatability: +/- 0.25µm
  • Position resolution: 0.025µm
  • System accuracy: +/- 4µm/m
  • Coefficient of linear expansion like steel: 11 x 10-6 K-1
  • Exact positioning even under dynamic load changes
  • Very good circuit dynamic due to high position resolution
  • Small rail deviation even with multi-axis interpolation
  • No thermal compensation necessary with processing steel


  • Simplified design due to full linear guide integration; no attachments needed
  • Robust and insensitive to dirt and contamination (IP 67 protection type)
  • No sealing air necessary
  • Minimum mounting time: the guide assembly is mounted at the same time as the measuring system
  • Rexroth interchangeability: Comprehensive supply program for Rexroth ball and roller rail systems