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BODAS – Project planning tools Efficient support with customisation

The BODAS toolbox supports you in various ways with its hardware and software components: It facilitates the efficient development of mobile control algorithms and enables an integrated tool chain as well as a simple and intuitive on-site service of the machine. The assistance already starts with the modeling of machine functions and can be continued in standard language C or in the IEC-61131-3 languages by the intelligent combination of the tools up to the control level.

Programming of RC controllers with BODASdesign and BODAS C-API

You create software with BODAS-design using a graphical PC user interface in the programming languages of the IEC61131-3 standard. BODAS-design supports you with extensive functions of the BODAS Application Programming Interface (API) and integrated simulation and debugging functions. This enables you to quickly and efficiently create your individual and high-quality application software for BODAS controllers. The BODAS C-API provides a library of predefined controller functions, allowing you to easily develop application solutions in the C programming language comfortably, even without detailed knowledge of the BODAS RC hardware.

Parameterisation, diagnostics and flashing with BODAS-service

Parameter setting and diagnostics of BODAS RC controllers is comfortable and easy to handle by using the PC software BODAS-service. Machine values, parameters and diagnostic messages are displayed in plain text and in multiple languages. This allows you a fast access to the diagnostics. Even without any programming skills you can easily set the parameters. The machine operator can also access the diagnostics at any time thanks to password protection, whilst preventing unauthorised changes to the parameters. BODAS-service also transfers to all of the programmable components of the BODAS modular system - whether at the development facilities, in the production or in the vehicle.

Efficient development support with BODAS test box and BODAS measuring adapter

The BODAS test box allows you to simulate different conditions of the complete system and to perform complex functional tests of your control outside of a vehicle. This reduces the development time of software and increases the comfort. The BODAS test box was developed especially for the BODAS controllers. All inputs and outputs of these controllers can be configured via the BODAS test box. Each and every connection line of BODAS RC controllers is made accessible by the BODAS measuring adapter. The measuring adapter is pre-connected to the BODAS RC controller in the wiring harness - either directly on the vehicle or at the developer‘s workstation.