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Mobile Electronics - The BODAS System


BODAS - The system for Mobile Electronics

BODAS offers unique solutions that fit for your needs. Thanks to the close cooperation between Rexroth and Bosch in terms of development, testing and production, BODAS is ideally suited for the most diverse requirements in mobile working machines.

With BODAS, Rexroth supplies a suitable and unique system which meets all requirements for the electronic control of mobile equipment.


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Modular Architecture

The BODAS system consists of a hardware and a software kit. The heart, the RC controller, is complemented by sensors, displays and joysticks, as well as intelligent software modules that you can configure yourself. This consistent and scalable modular architecture will certainly save a lot of development time. Perfectly matched hardware and software components increase the efficiency of your electro-hydraulics and thus reduce your costs.


The BODAS controllers and peripheral devices have proven themselves in tough everyday mobile working machines. The BODAS product family guarantees both high reliability and the uninterrupted availability of your machine.



The new BODAS software concept allows an unrivaled level of flexibility. Our new software architecture enables the use of both ready-made solutions via parameterisation (ASrun) and flexible extensions (ASopen).


BODAS tools provide you with complete flexibility - from the software development and simulation to the evaluation and optimisation of the running system. So go ahead and build your own machine control. You have full access to Rexroth‘s extensive expertise at all times.


In order to cover a variety of applications, our controllers support safety-related applications up to performance level „d“ in accordance with EN13849 and agricultural performance level „c“ in accordance with ISO 25119.

The Bosch Factor

The BODAS system profits from the close cooperation between Rexroth and Bosch. This "Bosch factor" in development, testing and automotive large-series production results in a stable and extremely high product quality. It contributes to high availability of your machine in demanding daily use.

BODAS – Hardware and software Individual and safe



Mobile machines have most diverse requirements for functional safety. With BODAS components, these requirements can be fulfilled individually for each application.

BODAS components are often used in machines that can cause personal injuries and damage to property. Machine manufacturers have to reduce such risks consistently. Therefore the used components must be capable for risk minimisation. The relevant legislative and normative requirements, as well as the state-of-the-art technology need to be considered. Mobile machines, which are placed on the EU market, are often subject to the directive 2006/42/EC. With selected BODAS components, you can design and produce machines which meet the requirements for functional safety. Thanks to the extensive documentation, an extensive verification for your machine can be provided.

Functional Safety

  • Selected BODAS components can be used for safety related applications and are suitable for the compliance of the machinery directive.
  • With mobile electronic components, projects can be configured according to the relevant safety standards, such as EN ISO 13849 or ISO 25119.
  • We provide project planning guidelines and characteristic values for determining the performance level (PL or AgPL) of a safety function.
  • For projects carried out by Rexroth, the PL of a safety function or a sub-system may be delivered or the application may be designed in a way that a pre-determined PLr will be achieved.
  • With the appropriate system design and in compliance with the normative requirements of the development process, you can implement safety functions up to PLd or AgPLc with a category 2 configuration.
  • Safety relevant software can be created in BODASdesign or in C.
  • During the programming, you will be supported by the development environment, as well as the extensive diagnostic options.