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Hägglunds CM and Hägglunds CMp with ODiN

If you know the true health of your drive system and connected hydraulics, you can make the right decisions to protect uptime and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

To analyse your drive's condition from the inside out, use Hägglunds CM or Hägglunds CM premium to link your drive with Bosch Rexroth expertise.

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Drive condition monitoring from Bosch Rexroth

Hägglunds Condition Monitoring (CM) and Hägglunds Condition Monitoring premium (CMp) show you the true health of your Hägglunds drive and connected hydraulics. By establishing a link between your drive system and Bosch Rexroth expertise, they enable instant analysis and predictive maintenance. That lets you avoid the cost of downtime and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Two levels of condition monitoring

Both services connect you directly with Bosch Rexroth expertise:

  • Hägglunds CM
    • Hägglunds CM provides entry-level monitoring and logging. It gives you access to key performance data that can improve your drive utilisation and planned maintenance.
  • Hägglunds CMp with ODiN analytics
    • Hägglunds CMp offers a complete health index, including historical data, trending and deeper analytics. Through secure and encrypted data communication, it lets Bosch Rexroth - or your own skilled engineers - look within the drive to optimise performance and initiate condition-based maintenance.

Predictive maintenance and proactive support

Hägglunds CM or Hägglunds CMp is part of a condition-based maintenance agreement. This ties defined service actions to any change in your drive’s health index, turning planned maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Together we agree on the best way for us to work, from providing advice to taking full service responsibility. Either way, we give you proactive support to protect uptime and secure optimal performance.

Part of Hägglunds Inside Intelligence

Hägglunds CM and Hägglunds CMp are part of Hägglunds Inside Intelligence, a suite of condition-based tools and services designed to unlock your drive system’s full potential. This growing portfolio combines the advantages of Hägglunds original service with smart technologies and interactive solutions.