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Extend the service life our your products with our retrofit solutions and modernisation measures. Our specialists keep the basics of your machine and combined them with modern automation. This keeps the costs low compared to buying a completely new system. Even older plants are given a second life and can deliver top performance.

Experienced Rexroth specialists take over the analysis, project planning and execution of the modernisation work. They will also discuss suitable measures with you in-depth, followed by customer-specific engineering for the machine overhaul. The specialists replace the affected components and systems with a modern drive and control solution.

Safeguard and future-proof your machinery to maintain performance. Avoid failure and prevent downtime with accurate monitoring and measuring of machine performance.??

Everything you need to keep moving. Contact us today to become unstoppable.??

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Modernization: a Bosch Rexroth service specialist turns the old technology into new

Services we provide

  • Transparency through detailed professional advice from Rexroth including potential assessment
  • A single point of contact: from analysis to project planning and implementation
  • Increased efficiency through machine rebuild.
  • Analysis, project planning and implementation of the modernization work
  • Customer-specific engineering for the machine overhaul
  • Replacement of the affected/obsolete components and systems with a modern drive and control solution/automation solution with subsequent installation and commissioning
  • Fast, effective retrofit measures with retrofit kits
  • Reduced time through 1:1 replacement solutions
  • Increased capacity through the installation of advanced components
  • Improved machine safety with "Safety on Board" features and increased energy efficiency with Rexroth 4EE rating system

We coordinate all the necessary work and carry it out on site.

Leave your entire project to us: from planning to implementation. This way, you can count on quick results without any major loss of capacity. Give your plant a second life!

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