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The right genuine spare parts, supplied quickly and reliably

When you need spare parts for planned or urgent maintenance of your machinery, Rexroth is your ideal partner.

The process starts with easy and quick identification of needed spare parts in our online 'Spare Part Catalogue'. Our specialists in our local service team will assist you with this, as well as with the conscious handling of your order until delivery on-site. Whether you need a replacement or service part for a current or phased-out Rexroth product, our dedicated Supply Chain is targeted towards fast and reliable supply of spare parts World-wide. Through service product life cycle management, we ensure the availability of a replacement spare part in form, fit and function during an extensive service life time, as well as related service parts. The durability, precision and overall quality of your Rexroth product can only be prolonged with the use of Rexroth genuine spare parts. Thus play safe, with lower risks and operating costs for you. Leakage problem? We offer optimised kits with clear documentation and Protective packaging to ensure that changing seals and other wear parts on Rexroth product by your service engineers is made easy and 'first time right'. We provide customer spare part management services, when you need to have immediate and guaeanteed availability for critial components in your machinery to minimize down-time.

- Online 'Spare Parts Catalogue'

- Dedicated Supply Chain, fast and reliable, world-wide

- Genuine Rexroth spare parts (durability, precision and overall quality)

- Easy and ‘first time right’ spare part kits for service engineers

- Customer spare part management services

- Genuine spare parts

- Online tools and spare parts specialists at the Help-desk make identification easy for users

- Guaranteed spare parts availability for 25 years

- Availability of successor products which are compatible in performance and function

- Optimised service parts, such as complete function kits

- Short delivery times to only 24 hours

- Registered customers can view the delivery status of ordered components online at any time on the eShop