ctrlX AUTOMATION – Drives & Motion

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Drives & Motion

PLC and motion functionalities as well as servo drives and motors

Drives & Motion –
dynamic and highly precise execution of machine movements

Users solve a wide variety of automation tasks with ctrlX AUTOMATION: from simple PLC applications, through Cartesian handling tasks, to highly dynamic machines. This requires PLC or motion functions as well as modular servo drives.



With ctrlX MOTION as an all-rounder, a wide variety of challenges can be solved in a highly precise, simple, safe, and flexible manner. And all this with just one motion kernel: From simple single-axis applications to high-volume production systems, the user will always find the optimum solution in terms of installation space, function and cost-effectiveness. Motion, robotics, or CNC: ctrlX MOTION covers all conceivable motion tasks in a highly scalable manner.

And getting started is as easy as can be: Web-based engineering promotes rapid commissioning, while graphical programming means that the application programs can be created intuitively, without prior training. Technology functions for demanding processes can also be quickly implemented with wizard support.

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More information about ctrlX MOTION
More information about ctrlX MOTION

ctrlX PLC

ctrlX PLC provides a scalable PLC control solution which combines the advantages of classic PLC automation with the communication and functional requirements of the Internet of Things. The pioneering ctrlX PLC software is as powerful as it is flexible. The fact that it boasts various different scalable levels for basic, standard and advanced tasks means that it is always the ideal solution for projects of varying sizes.

As it is integrated in the open automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION, which is based on the embedded operating system Linux Ubuntu Core with real-time extension, function extensions can be added via apps without any issues. This means that ctrlX PLC can be tailored to suit any task as necessary. Ready-made function modules, program templates and automatic code generation via a REST interface also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering.

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More information about ctrlX PLC
More information about ctrlX PLC


ctrlX DRIVE is the most compact modular drive system. Not only can users significantly minimize installation space, but maximum scalability is also made possible. Be it as an entry-level or high-end variant: The system enables the rapid implementation of economical individual solutions that grow with the requirements. The drive system covers both simple single-axis applications and complex multi-axis machine systems. All system components can be freely combined by the user. The scalable drive portfolio includes converters, single- and double-axis inverters, DC/DC converters, and rectifier and regenerative power supplies.

There are different servo motors matched to the drive systems. With the new MS2N/MS2E/MS2S synchronous servo motors, users gain significant benefits such as more torque, higher speeds, more compact design and the new real-time condition monitoring for Industry 4.0 solutions.

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More information about ctrlX DRIVE
More information about ctrlX DRIVE

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ctrlX MOTION – The motion, robotics and CNC software

ctrlX DRIVE – The most compact drive system

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Downloads


If you would like more information about ctrlX AUTOMATION, please download one of our whitepapers or take a look at the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine!

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