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Proof of Concepts (PoC)

If your company has a problem statement or is facing technological challenges, PoC can act as a test bed.

We can trial together, to pilot solutions with access to our technologies. When the PoC results in a positive outcome, scaling up to full implementation can be considered by the companies. By evaluating, piloting, validating and replicating, PoC can help bridge the gap.

PoC Process Timeline

There are 4 main stages in a PoC project. Starting from visiting, evaluating, piloting and finally validating. An average timeline of 1 such PoC project can last about 4-5 months.

Pbosch Rexroth Singapore PoC Process Timeline
  • Visiting

  • Evaluating

  • Piloting

  • Validating


When approached by customers on how to address certain pain points/problem statements, we would introduce a PoC which basically consists of a solution architecture developed by us. In order to produce a promising solution architecture, first we have to visit the customer to have an initial understanding of their pain point/problem statement.


Then we will issue our proposed solution and quotation to you. In this stage, there may still be some specification discussions and revision to proposal which would typically take up to a month. This is the stage where we set the tone for the project based on requirements and potential solutions.


The third stage of PoC is to pilot it. After receiving the approval and PO, we will order the hardware components as listed in our solution architecture. The hardwares ordered are catered uniquely to fit each problem statement. Upon receiving the hardwares, we will proceed to commission the solution architecture at the customer’s site. We will also be providing relevant training on how to operate the system. Above all, we also provide technical support after commissioning, whenever you are faced with any issues.


Last but not least is to validate whether the solution architecture provided by us addresses the pain point/problem statement of the customer. Should you find it successful, you can choose to scale up and replicate such implementation to other areas of your operations.

Solutions Considered

Here are some key factors for consideration when we design the solutions for the problem statements.

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