Hägglunds drive systems
Hägglunds drive systems

Hägglunds drives help Genan keep rubber out of landfills and in productive use

Since the early 1990’s, recycling company Genan have been taking in tires that have reached the end of their service life and carefully separating them into their constituent parts. With the number of vehicles rising, so does the number of end-of-life tires for disposal. In order to keep tires not only out of landfills, but also out of incinerators, they are separated into 75% rubbers as granulate or powder, 15% steel and 10% textile fibers.

“For each ton of end-of-life tires recycled instead of being incinerated, the climate will be relieved of 1.1 tons of C02 emissions at a minimum”
– Daniel Pohl, Project Manager at Genan

Hägglunds hydraulic direct drives

A fundamental part of productivity

Our Hägglunds hydraulic direct drives have been an integral component of Genan’s work since the first Genan plant opened in Viborg, Denmark in 1990. With their built-in resistance to shock lock loads and their ability to start, stop and reverse as many times as needed, our systems were a logical choice for machines like tire shredders.

Hagglunds drives are used across all Genan’s plants, Genan having expanded first to Berlin in 2003 and later to two other German cities, Dorsten and Kammlach. In total, Genan now has six plants worldwide, Texas became Genan’s first non-European site in 2014, and operations in Portugal were recently added, bringing the combined intake capacity of nearly 400,000 metric tons per year.

“We started up right from the beginning with Hägglunds drives and we’re so happy with them that we never want to change.”
– Daniel Pohl, Project Manager at Genan

Genan employee

Dependable power

Genan now has more than 40 hydraulic drive systems in total, which are based on two different motors: the Hägglunds CA 100 and the Hägglunds CB 840. With their high-power density, these motors deliver extreme and sustainable torque from zero speed. Because Genan’s business is highly automated, and at a typical plant there are only a small number of staff members, it’s imperative that the drives not only have high torque but are also incredibly reliable.

“Since we are producing 24/7, the reliability of all systems is needed at all times”
– Daniel Pohl, Project Manager at Genan

Genan keeps rubber out of landfills with Bosch Rexroth

Daniel Pohl, Project Manager at Genan, notes that not only does Genan benefit from the Hägglunds drive systems themselves, but also from the strong support that Rexroth provide. Taking the Hägglunds service centre in Bochum in Germany as an example, Rexroth supports all of Genan’s German production facilities – from training employees to short-time repairs and spare parts. The relationship is excellent, and Pohl sees Hägglunds drive systems as a major component of Genan’s continued success.