Reduced large power unit shown schematically with Connected Hydraulics Gate and myCRO icon


My Customized Reduction Option

myCRO – Reduce hydraulic power units to the maximum

Whether large or small, customized or standard: hydraulic power units should be simple in design, cost-efficient and maximally productive. With the myCRO engineering package, Bosch Rexroth achieves these goals for existing and new power units.

Your benefits with myCRO

myCRO is a unique collection of know-how, technologies, tools and application modules with the following objectives:

Icon for oil quantity minimization

Minimize oil quantity

Icon for oil condition optimization

Optimize oil condition

Icon for productivity increase

Increase in productivity

Icon for cost, installation space and weight reduction

Reduce operating costs, installation space and weight

How does myCRO work?

With the help of tools such as CFD simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the flow behaviour of the hydraulic oil is evaluated and the geometry of the myCRO tank is optimized so that it can be up to 75 percent smaller. This reduces the overall costs and space requirements of the power unit. Optimized fluid properties are also achieved by avoiding or separating air, water and contamination. The reduced cavitation tendency increases the service life of the components.

BASIC – Passive (natural) degassing

  • Standardized, intelligent tank design
  • Validated by CFD simulation in pilot applications
  • Pre-assessment through internal downsizing tool
  • Effective in known applications/systems with moderate air entrainment

EXTENDED – Active degassing and simulation

  • Application/order-specific CFD simulation
  • Standardized degassing module
  • Recommended for:
    • Unknown/new applications and systems with high air entrainment​
    • Comprehensive downsizing

Your benefits: technical and economical

Example image for technical benefits of using myCRO


  • Smaller, lighter and less oil-intensive hydraulic units
  • Longer service life of the components
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Higher machine rigidity, process speed and accuracy
Example image for economical benefits of using myCRO


  • Lower investment and operating costs
  • Less oil to be replaced, purchased and disposed of
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Environmental protection is easier to ensure
  • Higher availability and productivity
  • Less material and installation space
  • Easier handling and more cost-effective transportation

Your options for using myCRO

The application spectrum of our myCRO engineering package ranges from reengineering projects to customer-specific project planning. In addition, myCRO is an attractive optimization option for our ABMAXX large power units and has already been implemented in the CytroPac and CytroBox power units.

ABMAXX-Large power unit

Large power unit

Small power unit CytroPac

Small power unit

Standard power unit CytroBox

Standard power unit

Customized power unit

Customized power unit

Customized project engineering

Interested in myCRO and how you can reduce your application technically and economically?

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