M4 Configurator

M4 Configurator

It helps to efficiently utilize the flexibility and versatility of the valve right from the design and engineering phase for new machines.

Configure your individual control block

Configure your individual control block

This user-friendly and intuitive program asks systematic questions about the specific requirements for the system. It then assembles the corresponding control block from individual components. Technical data sheets, parts lists, schematics, and both 2D and 3D information are instantly available and speed up the development process for the machine.

Rapid delivery program
In many cases, the M4 rapid delivery program can further accelerate the supply process. About 80 percent of the configurations that can be delivered in Europe and North America are included in this rapid delivery program. Limited quantities (used in prototypes, for example) can thus be shipped within a maximum of three weeks after the order is placed. In light of the ever shorter innovation cycles, driven by the market, a machine manufacturer can directly translate this advantage into a competitive asset in its market environment.

M4 Configurator highlights

  • Rapid access to technical data
  • Download your dimension sheet in the PDF format
  • Easy price and project enquiry
  • Worldwide Fast Delivery Program for M4 Configurator Products