Smart Flex Effector

Smart Flex Effector

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Intelligent, sensor-based end effector makes robots even more precise

The Smart Flex Effector is a sensor-based compensation unit with an active measuring function in six degrees of freedom. It increases precision, e.g. in handling robots, and opens up completely new areas of application for industrial robots and Cartesian systems.

The intelligent all-rounder

With the end effector, position deviations of the tool are detected using high-resolution position sensors and translated into active correction movements of the manipulator. The intelligent sensor technology of the compensation element enables readjustment in real time. In addition, the measured values provide information about process quality and can be used for quality monitoring and logging.

The applications

The new compensation module can be used for handling or joining processes with narrow tolerances in automation technology or robotics: whether it be for joining small tolerances, for quality documentation and Tool Center Point detection or for the automated compensation of position drifts in the rotary axes as well as in the x-, y- and z-direction.

Do not compromise...

...why choose between flexibility OR rigidity in a process?! With the Smart Flex Effector, you get the best of both worlds:

Position correction during teaching

Position correction during teaching

Time-consuming teaching and constant position corrections in your processes?

Faster, accurate and simple.

Thanks to high-resolution 6D position feedback, the exact object coordinates can be read out directly and transferred to the robot control.

Tolerance compensation - complex joining

Tolerance compensation - complex joining

The complex joining process is unsuccessful with existing components?

Together, sensory touch and a compensation unit with six independent degrees of freedom ensure easy joining for complex tasks, even with low tolerances.

For example, when threading, the joining process is as simple as using a human hand. 

Precise positioning using locking mechanism

Precise positioning using locking mechanism

With the flexible modules, high dynamics are not possible due to vibrations during the process?

By locking the Smart Flex Effector, the module is actively brought to the zero position. This ensures a high level of positioning accuracy and repeatability. As a result, high dynamics, e.g. during transfer movements, can be achieved and the application of forces for joining is no problem either.

Probing pallets & other objects

Probing pallets and other objects

Pallets or objects are not exactly in the right place? Does the geometry of the workpiece need to be checked?

No problem for the Smart Flex Effector:

Probing works in the same way as a 3D coordinate measuring machine. The position of the object can be determined exactly and a quick quality inspection can take place during the process by measuring components.

Condition monitoring Logging joining processes

Condition monitoring - logging joining processes

Lack of transparency in complex processes?

The Smart Flex Effector makes it easy to collect process data. Intelligently logged movement profiles thus ensure process transparency and stability.

One module – numerous benefits

The benefits of the Smart Flex Effector

All in one: Locking mechanism and sensors with flexibility module in six degrees of freedom

  • Innovative - tactile technology
  • Flexible - universal use thanks to software tools and common interfaces
  • Fast - high travel speeds and cycle times
  • Efficient - reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Future-proof - solution can be retrofitted at any time

Area of application of the Smart Flex Effector

Sensitive manipulation of

  • Robots
  • Cartesian systems

Technical Data

System overview

  • Compensation in six degrees of freedom through integrated sensor technology.
  • Electromechanical locking of the module.
  • Internal calculation of the Cartesian deviation from the point coordinate.
  • Axial angle equalization XY +/- 3,4°; Z +/- 6,8°
  • Compensation XY +/- 3,0 mm; Z -3,0 mm
  • Protection class IP54
  • Handling weight up to 6 kg

Further Information
Further Information
Smart Flex Effector programming kit, connection via USB

Connection to computer via programming kit

The programming kit, consisting of a cable set and power supply, enables the Smart Flex Effector to be easily connected to a PC via USB port. This allows the full functionality of the Smart Flex Effector to be used on a PC. The programming kit is available separately and enables control, operation and configuration of the Smart Flex Effector via the graphical user interface of the Smart Flex Effector software tool. The software tool provides a platform to quickly and easily test the basic functionality of the Smart Flex Effector and to update the software.

Fast commissioning of the Smart Flex Effector

Fast commissioning thanks to robot-specific application packages

For robot-specific connection of the Smart Flex Effector, application packages for a wide range of robot manufacturers ensure quick and easy commissioning of the compensation module. The packages contain software and hardware components as well as robot-specific documentation describing how to connect the Smart Flex Effector. This minimises the connection and programming effort and simple application tasks can be realised quickly, easily and efficiently.

Flexible use of the Smart Flex Effector with different flanges and adapter plates

Flanges & adapter plates

The Smart Flex Effector can be used with most common robots and grippers through a range of flanges and adapter plates. The mechanical accessories allow the Smart Flex Effector to be used in a wide range of applications and industries, making it even more flexible.


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