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Assembly Show

Assembly Show Rosemont, IL

The event will bring together thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest assembly technology equipment and products. Mark your calendar and plan to be a part of this milestone event where event participants will uncover new resources, evaluate the latest technologies and products, learn from industry experts and connect with experienced professionals. Visit Bosch Rexroth in booth 119!

  • Donald E. Stephens Convention Center,
    5555 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL, USA
  • 10/24/2023 - 10/26/2023
  • English
  • Assembly Technology, Linear Motion Technology

Start your journey to harmonized factory Start your journey to harmonized assembly automation with Bosch Rexroth

It’s time to streamline how automation works. From start to finish, Bosch Rexroth does more to engineer and deliver the most complete, harmonized, and easy-to-use factory automation solutions today’s manufacturers want. With a factory automation portfolio that offers the broadest selection, our solutions go beyond advanced components to include digital engineering tools and customized support that enables you to solve the most intricate engineering challenges.


Stop by booth #119 to see our innovative products and allow our factory automation experts to assist you with customized solutions that will give you the advantage you need to get to market faster.

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The ASSEMBLY Show 2023 Highlights

Aluminum Structural Framing

Frame your factory with the original aluminum profile from Bosch Rexroth! Backed by decades of decades of experience and unbeatable flexibility for the design of your assembly line, Bosch Rexroth has been continuously enhancing our wide range of aluminum profiles for more than 40 years.

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Flexible Transport System
Flexible Transport System

Flexible Transport System / Hybrid Demo

The Flexible Transport System combines with the already expansive TS2 catalog to create a fast, precise and flexible conveyor system. The linear motor driven FTS section allows high speed positioning of workpiece pallets with bi-directional, synchronous, or asynchronous moves. The FTS is integrated with the newest member of the Bosch Rexroth family, a lightweight and maneuverable Kassow Robot.

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Our collection of kiosks and unique four-sided demo illustrates the modularity and scalability of ctrlX AUTOMATION while presenting an overview of ctrlX DRIVE and ctrlX CORE hardware capabilities. On display is a three-axis ctrlX DRIVE linked to a ctrlX CORE control system running in real-time. Other components, such as ctrlX IO, ctrlX HMI and the MS2N synchronous motor, are included. In addition, the exhibit demonstrates how ctrlX CORE supports modern languages for today’s industrial machinery, such as Java, Python and Node Red, plus many other application-appropriate languages.

Within the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform is ctrlX IOT, which enables efficient and secure connection in the IIoT. This progressive IoT toolbox features advanced security that meet the strictest I4.0 requirements and can fully integrate IoT solutions into hardware platforms. integrated security which meets all Industry 4.0 requirements.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION, is smart, highly scalable, open.
ctrlX AUTOMATION, is smart, highly scalable, open.

Smart Flex Effector

The Smart Flex Effector is a sensor-based compensation module with independent kinematics in six degrees of freedom - the first of its kind. The Smart Flex Effector provides a tactile sense of touch to the robot application, essentially emulating the abilities of a human hand. A digital twin of your robotic operation can also be created from the multitudes of real-time data available from the device, providing complete process transparency.

Used in complex handling applications, joining operations with micron-level tolerances, robotic teaching, performing in-process measuring, and providing movement flexibility that was until now unobtainable, the Smart Flex Effector solves a wide array of challenges that have troubled integrators for years.

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Nexo Cordless Nutrunner

Experience a whole new world of joining technology and demo the latest addition to Bosch Rexroth’s tightening system portfolio, the new NEXO nutrunner. This tightening system seamlessly integrates into conveying systems, aluminum framing workstations, and more and incorporates the complete control directly inside the device, while keeping its sleek, cordless design.

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The latest addition to Bosch Rexroth’s tightening system portfolio, the Nexo Gen 2 nutrunner.
Smart Function Kit for Handling is an innovative preassembled multi-axis robot made up of tailored, standardized modules and components.

Smart Function Kit for Handling

Bosch Rexroth’s Smart Function Kit for Handling is an innovative preassembled multi-axis robot made up of tailored, standardized modules and components, which can be put together quickly to form smart subsystems. Simply select and adapt the basic type online, configure and order it, and commission it with software guidance.

Rexroth’s best-in-class components can be used to create smart mechatronics solutions for the Factory of the Future, with minimal use of resources.

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