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Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers strive every day to solve quality and throughput challenges common to all vehicle assembly operations, as well as streamline how complex battery packs and e-axles are incorporated into these processes in ways that can accelerate their production and meet market demand.

Bosch Rexroth has the transformative technology portfolio and vehicle assembly system experience to help solve those challenges today. Bosch Rexroth’s complete factory automation portfolio combines innovative controls, full mechatronics, state-of-the-art conveyor systems and advanced assembly and linear technologies into high-performance material transport and assembly automation solutions.

This uniquely equips us to create solutions tailor-made to solve the complex scale-up, throughput and supply chain challenges the EV industry faces.

How our innovation will accelerate your EV manufacturing

Broad portfolio for EV manufacturing

High-performance portfolio:

Our cross-technology portfolio features best-in-class products combined with leading technology to drive higher machine value, streamline operations and ensure seamless integration.

Team of Bosch Rexroth engineers problem solving

Applications expertise:

We draw on our deep, crossover expertise in battery production and automotive assembly to expertly evaluate and solve complex automation challenges.

Bosch Rexroth expert providing support to customer

Easy to implement and support:

We develop innovative EV automation solutions with global engineering, manufacturing, service and technical support resources. We stand ready to be long-term partners with EV manufacturers, providing full-system lifecycle support for our automation solutions.

Resources: Engineering complete automation solutions

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In the dynamic world of electric vehicles (EVs), the assembly process plays a crucial role in meeting the rising demand for sustainable transportation. This article explores five game-changing assembly solutions that are revolutionizing the EV manufacturing landscape.

Eagle Case Study Video


Discover the cutting-edge EV manufacturing solution that Rexroth helped Eagle Technologies develop in our latest case study. Witness how our team leveraged the latest technologies and expertise to design and implement an innovative solution that enabled their client to optimize their production process and achieve greater efficiency. Watch the case study now.

End of line battery and e-axle testing


Learn how our industry-leading technology portfolio and deep automotive expertise provide complete manufacturing solutions to help EV manufacturers meet surging demand.

D.W.Fritz Webinar w/ Charged EV’s


Watch this On-Demand webinar where DWFritz Automation and Bosch Rexroth share their experiences on developing a fully automated high-speed battery manufacturing line. Discover how they tackled the challenges of integrating multiple machines and processes to create a seamless production line, while achieving high throughput and quality. Register to learn more.

Open automation technology to speed EV manufacturing solutions

Active Mover linear transport system

Conveyors and material transport: Boost your production

Bosch Rexroth has multiple technologies to move the materials EV manufacturers along key points of their assembly lines. Featuring advanced linear-motor driven systems such as ACTIVE Mover and Flexible Transport System, as well as VarioFlow plus and TS chain conveyors, our full material transport portfolio has unique features that target key EV assembly needs:

  • Efficient motors plus modular designs to prevent over-dimensioning and energy loss
  • Robust components and innovative technology that ensures high reliability at low maintenance costs
  • Linear motor technology that supports ultra-precise endpoints and accelerations up to 4g
  • Consistent modular design combined with our MTpro tool helps speed up planning and allows easy upgrades

Revolutionize EV Material Transport
Revolutionize EV Material Transport

ctrlX AUTOMATION: Automation without limits

EV manufacturing needs bold new ideas that move manufacturing beyond standard solutions. ctrlX AUTOMATION revolutionizes how the industry approaches automation platforms, making them as easy as a smartphone to configure and use, through:

  • A Linux real-time operating system
  • App-based programming technology
  • Consistent open standards
  • Web-based engineering
  • A comprehensive IoT connection

Move your automation platform ahead
Move your automation platform ahead
Smart mechatronics

Smart MechatroniX: Plug-and-produce platforms

The global growth in demand for electric vehicles means EV assembly lines need production tools ready to operate out of the box. Our plug-and-produce Smart MechatroniX systems combine proven linear motion components with smart, easy-to-program controls and user-friendly engineering tools to provide:

  • Accelerated engineering, commissioning and time to market
  • More transparent, efficient and reliable production
  • High operating performance and sustainability through permanent updating

Design your plug-and-produce solution
Design your plug-and-produce solution
IndraDrive ML: Efficient & compact electric vehicle powertrain test

IndraDrive ML: Efficient & compact electric vehicle powertrain test

In production or research and development, solutions for electric vehicle powertrain test and battery emulation can greatly benefit from a modular and scalable system. The IndraDrive ML is ideal for electric vehicle production solutions, and provides:

  • Reliable, industrial grade AC power supplies and DC/DC converters
  • Optimization of energy usage and reduced CO2 emissions with efficient thermal design
  • Scalable and incremental power up to 4 MW, DC voltage up to 1100 V and DC current greater than 2000 A
  • Globally available components and global service center support

Get started
Get started
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