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Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation From Bosch Rexroth

Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation

Advancing Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation performance with precision & expertise

Innovative automation solutions are consistently revolutionizing how we engage with warehousing, supply chain management, and logistics. From predicting demands and managing inventory restocking to enhancing transparency and ensuring seamless end-to-end tracking, present-day intelligent systems are meticulously crafted to enhance and expedite the process by which corporations manage the flow of goods.

The effectiveness and dependability of automated material handling systems frequently serve as the linchpin for a warehouse and fulfillment center's productivity and profitability. Our collaborative efforts can be channeled towards conceptualizing and implementing automated warehousing and logistics solutions that are not only attuned to the present, but also future-proof.

Applications: Solutions bundled with performance leading technologies

storage system

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Bosch Rexroth offers a range of compact, high-density, and secure automated solutions in control and servo motion design, spanning from Unit-load, Mini-load, shuttle, to VLM systems. Our linear motion technologies comprise various components, systems, and mechatronic solutions, facilitating reliable guidance, precise positioning, and efficient handling.

aluminum framing workstation

Gantry Robots

Pal and de-pal solutions incorporating cartesian gantry robots can be designed, delivered, and implemented faster than any supplier on the market through Bosch Rexroth’s complete portfolio of components. From linear motion axis, servo motor and drives, control, safety, and structural framing Bosch Rexroth can supply the total solution or a portion of the design.

mobile robots

Packout Fulfillment Stations

The main concern of modern order fulfillment is to increase order throughput and decrease order packing errors. An ergonomic packout station design plays a decisive role in reducing wasted time and errors during fulfillment. Bosch Rexroth offers aluminum structural framing solutions to create the ideal workstation to fit standard and unique packout processes and needs.

mobile robots

Mobile Robotics

Easy to use modular automation toolkit for step by-step integration on different levels of AMRs, AGVs, & Autonomous forklift vehicles. A total solution developed with ROKIT and the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform accomplishes decreases in wiring and components in combination with consistent data availability along with industry leading performance in navigation and motion control.


Robot Cell Safe-Guarding

Ensuring employee safety in the warehouse while maintaining high productivity is entirely possible. When robots operate alongside humans, top-notch safety measures in compliance with prevailing standards and regulations are essential. Bosch Rexroth's solution successfully accomplishes this balance through modular protective fence components.

information technology

Conveyance Velocity Matching & Gapping

Efficient sortation and conveyance solutions play a pivotal role in warehouse automation. The evolving landscape of the industry demands innovative designs aimed at optimizing performance while minimizing space usage. With advancements like cabinet-free servo technology, conveyor gapping velocity matching applications can precisely achieve that.

IOT Integration

IOT Integration

Node-RED serves as our primary tool for IoT applications. When combined with tailored flows for accessing the ctrlX DataLayer, incorporating certified security measures, integrating InfluxDB for efficient data storage, and utilizing a Grafana dashboard for clear data presentation, it shapes an ideal solution for seamless IoT integration.

Resources: Engineering complete automation solutions

webcast on mobile robots


Discover how our advanced automation technologies optimize efficiency, enhance precision, and revolutionize warehouse operations. From automated storage and retrieval systems to robotic applications, embark on a journey towards a seamlessly automated warehouse ecosystem.

webcast on mobile robots


Find out why building mobile robots has never been easier with the innovative robotics and automation kit from ROKIT and ctrlX AUTOMATION. The modular, flexible, open, efficient and easy-to-use kit can be integrated into mobile robots step by step and according to your needs. Watch the video to learn more.

pallet storage

Whitepaper - DAMBACH

Intralogistics is evolving, ushering in an era of adaptable and versatile factories. Embracing this transformation, DAMBACH Lagersysteme introduces the DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE, revolutionizing pallet warehouse automation. This advanced solution enhances the efficiency of pallet storage and retrieval in high-bay warehouses.

Whitepaper - CIMCORP

Whitepaper - CIMCORP

The degree of automation in intralogistics is increasing in favor of high safety and speed. Therefore, automation solutions and robot technology are increasingly used in logistics and warehousing. People and machines work hand in hand: the robot becomes a “colleague”. Read the whitepaper to learn how CIMCORP utilized ctrlX AUTOMATION to increase their space savings.

Indradrive Mi

Whitepaper – Cabinet Free Technology

Lean manufacturing is an important competitive factor for manufacturing companies. It is a question of streamlining processes in order to act more quickly and flexibly and thus achieve greater economy. Without suitably organized logistics, an optimally planned production process is only worth half. Bosch Rexroth has therefore come up with the ultra-compact, decentralized IndraDrive Mi drive technology, a solution which offers maximum flexibility while requiring minimal space. Read more here.

Factory automation resources

Factory automation resources

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High-performance portfolio

Applications expertise

Applications expertise:

Applying innovative technology to advance material handling system competitiveness, our collaborative team of experts draw on extensive material handling system experience to provide comprehensive solutions, from initial system design, to implementation, and lifecycle support.

High-performance portfolio

High-performance portfolio:

We manufacture a broad, innovative range of cross-technology automation solutions, with open, plug-and-produce platforms like ctrlX AUTOMATION and Linear Motion Technologies. These and other Bosch Rexroth systems optimize system engineering, help Material Handling System Integrators streamline their operations and have the flexibility crucial to support changing production specs and rapid product changeovers.

Easy to implement and support

Easy to implement and support:

Since many Material Handling System Integration companies serve global markets and have global operations, we support the automation solutions we create with global engineering, manufacturing, service and support programs. Our commitment is long-term, with full lifecycle training, repair, and technical support.

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