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With various grip configurations and flexible pushbutton, finger wheel and rocker switch arrangements, the Sense+ joystick can be adjusted to suit various machine types and functions

Everything under control

Bosch Rexroth asked drivers all over the world about their needs and preferences. The result is Sense+, a multifunctional, ergonomic joystick which can be adjusted to suit various applications and can provide the driver with feedback via haptic vibration patterns.

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Compact Rexroth eLION gearboxes for the electrification of mobile machines are available in a 2- speed version (eGFZ 9200) and in a 1-speed version (eGFZ 9100) for a wide range of applications

Gearboxes for electric motors: a driving force for electrification

As part of its new, extensive eLION platform for the electrification of mobile working machines, Bosch Rexroth has developed spur gearboxes which vehicle manufacturers can use to unlock the full potential of new electric motors. The one and two-speed gearboxes are installed in the central section of the vehicle and pool the energy in order to drive up to two axles with just one motor. The clever integration of essential components is evidence of the wealth of practical know-how that was drawn on throughout the development process.

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The modular and scalable Rexroth eLION platform for the electrification of mobile machinery includes motor-generators, inverters, gearboxes, software and accessories as well as matching hydraulics

New platform for electrifying mobile working machines: Bosch Rexroth presents “eLION”

Bosch Rexroth is expanding its capabilities in the off-highway segment. The company is presenting its wide range of 700 V components for the electrification of mobile working machines under the name eLION.

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Electronically controlling hydraulic pumps in open circuits with Rexroth eOC opens up new possibilities in working hydraulics

Versatile working machines thanks to electronic control of open-circuit pumps

With the eOC (electronic Open Circuit) hydraulic architecture, machine manufacturers can take full advantage of their mobile machines. The Rexroth eOC portfolio includes software and hydraulic components to dynamically control work applications and travel drives

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Small Handling Belt (SHB) and Small Handling Lead Screw (SHL)

The new economical linear modules for lighter loads

Bosch Rexroth is now offering linear modules for small handling applications, the SHB and SHL. These modules are suitable for more than factory automation. They are designed for lighter load applications such as in medical labs, universities, and vision systems. With simple USB to laptop connectivity, monitoring and controlling has never been easier.

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