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Bosch Rexroth ActiveMover linear-motor-driven transfer system

Linear motor driven transfer system ActiveMover

For high-speed applications

Bosch Rexroth video of ActiveMover linear-motor-driven transfer system

Increase your process quality, productivity and profitability

ActiveMover linear motor transfer system

Wherever products need to be transported and positioned with extra precision, speed and flexibility, the Rexroth linear motor driven conveyor system sets the standard: With a unique combination of precision, speed, power and flexibility, you can increase process quality, productivity and even cost-effectiveness.

ActiveMover Transfer System


High speed, rapid acceleration and a low-friction, magnetic clutch help reduce cycle time. Workspiece pallets can be moved indepently to any defined position, even along curves, at a wide range of acceleration rates and speeds smoothly and with precision. All this while also remaining easily accessible, giving you maximum accessibility to the workpiece.


Free programming and control of each individual workpiece pallet allows flexible realization of process flows.The pallets can move back and forth, asynchronously and synchronously.This offers maximum flexibility in retooling processes. Gentle movements, integrated collision avoidance and auto-queuing at workstations guarantee a smooth transport for sensitive products.


Practial flexibility – versatile uses.

The ActiveMover can be used in assembly lines in key sectores like:

  • Electronic controller parts
  • Printed circuit boards for electronics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • Syringes in the medical technology sector
  • Components for electric motor production

ActiveMover features at a glance

Bosch Rexroth ActiveMover linear-motor-driven transfer system


Exact workpiece pallet positioning without additional indexing. Workpiece pallets are automatically moved to any position with precision, even along curves. This not only increases process quality, it also improves your productivity and, with it, your profitability.

Impression of the acceleration phase of ActiveMover Transfer System from Bosch Rexroth


The low-friction, magnetic clutch between linear drive and workpiece pallet helps achieve high speeds and rapid acceleration. In addition, no time is lost from stopping, positioning and adjusting. Benefit from reduced cycle time and increase your productivity while lowering costs.

Woehner Group ActiveMover transfer system detailed view of a workpiece pallet


A powerful drive moves workpiece pallets weighing up to 10 kg with up to 160 N. The bores in the sturdy base frame allow specific work stations or enclosures to be directly integrated, making the ActiveMover transfer system highly versatile.

Woehner-Group ActiveMover workpiece pallet with Identification system


Save on costs by covering the majority of your manufacturing processes with one system and standardizing your production facility. The following operating modes are available: reverse, asynchronous and synchronous.

Key technical data

High repeat accuracy:
of ± 0.01 mm
Speed: of up to 150 m/min
Acceleration: of 40 m/s² with 1 kg load, 10 m/s² with 10 kg payload
Load per workpiece pallet: up to 10 kg
Workpiece pallet: width of 165 mm, up to 500 mm for intake
Open interface: Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Sercos, etc.
Sturdy design
Reversable operation
Asynchronous and synchronous operation
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Success Stories and Brochures

Woehner Group fully-automatic assembly line with ActiveMover Transfer System

See it in action - watch video

A video featuring ActiveMover in production of 40,000 fuse holders in up to 94 different varieties each day.

Woehner Group fully-automatic assembly line with ActiveMover Transfer System

Up to 40,000 parts per day

With a totally automated assembly line and the linear motor transfer system ActiveMover, up to 94 varieties can be produced, no retrofitting required.

Bosch Rexroth ActiveMover linear-motor-driven transfer system

Precise travel through 37 stations

Linear motor-driven transfer system ActiveMover ensures short auxiliary process times in an assembly system in special machine building.

ActiveMover conveyor brochure PDF download

ActiveMover Brochure

ActiveMover the linear motor transfer system from Rexroth has a unique combination of speed, precision and load capacity. See more.