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Flexible Transport System, Conveyor System

Flexible Transport System (FTS)

Transport and Positioning for Demanding Applications

Flexible Transport System FTS

The flexible transport system (FTS) from Rexroth is a unique technical solution for transporting and positioning materials and workpieces. Where traditional rollers, chains or belt systems reach their limits for any reason, FTS is the perfect concept. It delivers higher accuracy, allows for freely programmable individual and synchronized movements, and is faster than traditional systems. The completely non-contact drive concept particularly ensures particle-free transport in vacuum.

Flexible Transport System

FTS Features at a Glance

FTS is extremely precise

Extremely Precise

The FTS not only offers extreme positioning accuracy but also high repeatability. This is accomplished by the sensors between the single motors as well as the motion control system.

FTS is Individually Scalable

Individually Scalable

FTS adapts to every size requirement in production. The system can be very easily upgraded with several motors for particularly long production lines. The carriers can both easily accommodate high weights and move light objects with the same positioning accuracy.

FTS is Flexibly Adaptable

Flexibly Adaptable

The system offers the maximum degree of freedom and options. The software provides for the free programmability of all carrier movements – with I/O synchronization where required. A quick conversion to other products is therefore very easy. The mechanical system adapts to every machine.

System Description

The flexibility of FTS offers you the possibility to build your system the way you want it: stand-alone or perfectly integrated into your production line.

The FTS is an open system which allows carriers to move from an external conveyor belt to FTS and vice versa. Even robots can be placed along the tracks so that they can perform movements for assembly tasks together with the FTS. It has a C/C++ or PLC interface with standard Ethernet. Since the software runs on a standard PC, other interfaces are also feasible.


The flexible transport system FTS based on the embedded control YM allows an unprecedented level of design freedom. Its next generation hardware designed to handle complex operations, which together with the open software architecture enables the creation of tailored motion solutions – that can be simply integrated into your automation landscape. The extremely compact modular multi-axis controller houses all the control and drive hardware.

The FTS' high-level programming languages allow the writing of highly complex motion control programs. And the high-speed control loops with 32 kHz bandwidth deliver pinpoint precision and performance.


The intelligent motion control system from Rexroth constitutes the core of extremely powerful and flexible technology. It provides you with unique freedom because it links high-performance hardware for complex process tasks with open software structures for customized movements. Furthermore, it is very easy to integrate into your automation system.

The control platform offers a variety of possibilities with regard to diagnostics, error analysis, and maintenance. This means the positions of the carriers transporting the products are always known. Whether current, position errors, or motion profiles – all signals are promptly available at the same time and can be visualized using its tool set.

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