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Lean production


Production is the creation of products, which, in turn, results in appreciation and added value. Every work process consists of value adding activities, as well as activities that include obvious and concealed waste. This is why the goal of production planning is to create a production system that is as free of waste as possible by continually minimizing waste and changing it into added value.

Using Manual Production Systems from Rexroth reduces waste in your production.

They allow you to implement the following basic ideas in practice:

  • Customer cycle – only produce what the customer needs
  • Pull principle – formation of buffers is prevented or standardized
  • One-piece-flow – increase in transparency
  • Zero faults principle

Lean and waste-free production begins with efficient low-waste planning of individually designed products according to the customer’s needs.

MTPro is available to assist you in designing, constructing, and calculating your Manual Production Systems.