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The GoTo Focused Delivery Program streamlines everything to make it easier for you to get a selection of our most popular Rexroth products faster. You’ll benefit from quicker access to product information, reliable lead times that meet or beat the expectations of the market, and enhanced customer service.

Download GoTo Hydraulics Catalog
Download GoTo Hydraulics Catalog


ABZSS – Accumulator safety blocks

Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
Data Sheet: RE50131
R900707946 ABZSS 10 E-3X/210E/G24K4V12 3 10
R901367389 ABZSS 10 M-3X/210E/V12 3 10
R900707949 ABZSS 20 E-3X/210E/G24K4V12 3 10
R901409869 ABZSS 20 E-3X/210E/S63G24K4V12 3 10
R901409863 ABZSS 20 M-3X/210E/S63V12 3 10
R901367388 ABZSS 20 M-3X/210E/V12 3 10
R900707947 ABZSS 30 E-3X/210E/G24K4V12 3 10
R901332088 ABZSS 30 M-3X/210E/V12 3 10


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